25 comments on “The Super Bowl was BORING: MMA Football”

  1. FightTips with Shane Fazen says:

    John Madden disliked this video.

  2. masteropuppets100 . says:

    Hypocrite, giving no credit to the players that got injured in the Super
    Bowl. Fuck you. 

  3. Tyrone Jackson says:

    Football? You mean hand-egg?

  4. ALnate luda says:

    hockey plus football is what this is

  5. TheDonutLive says:

    football is boring period, it shouldnt even be called football, it should
    be called something like tackle ball, they barely do any kicking, seeing a
    bunch of big men ramming towards each other isnt so interesting

  6. Matt Mosley says:

    I have a similar fighting ball game ……. just need people to play it
    with me :-(

  7. plurbleman says:

    you were right shane…THIS Superbowl was awwwwfffuuuuullll

  8. PurpleRaven300 says:

    Not liking football is unamerican. I understand that you feel football is
    Boring but to say that there a bunch of pussys is bullshit. Until you’ve
    walked in there shoes and became nfl elite players, you cannot judge or
    talk down on them. I’m sure you would take offense if nfl players called
    mma fighters pussys.

  9. PoRT says:

    Football is overrated…

  10. elchacal31 says:

    Football? Sport for pussys

  11. Austin Smith says:

    Its called faceball

  12. Griffith says:

    This sport along with the non MMA one should be called Holdball (Because
    handball is already taken). Football is what North Americans call Soccer,
    you play with your feet. Sure, you can kick the ball but 99% of the game is
    with the ball on your hands. Let us all join in a quest to change this
    sport’s name! *HOLDBALL* it shall be called!

  13. chris garcia says:

    I agree football is boring !!!!

  14. Christian Polanco says:

    i agree i cant watch football

  15. Davon Sirino says:

    Lol cool “sport” but footballs wayyyy better how much do they even get

  16. Anthony Rodriguez says:

    Blitz the league much 

  17. Arian Mas says:

    football is a piece of shit

  18. iabarab55555 says:

    Is this a real commercial sport/ what’s its name?

  19. John1138 says:

    I really don’t watch any sport…unless “Hajime No Ippo” counts?

  20. Anthony Alvarez says:


  21. FightTips with Shane Fazen says:

    The #SuperBowl is BORING. Football is lame. Here’s what I think about that
    crap: #superbowlcommercials #shutup

  22. LilNinjaxoxo says:

    He should have had a livestream anti superbowl/football party! That would
    have been wayyyy more fun! 

  23. jocoolshow says:

    Football is cool and trust me they work hard. Sometimes I workout with my
    schools fb team even though I’m not actually on it

  24. KillaCommieFerMommie says:

    Football is COMPLETELY boring… Bunch of f@g$ runnen around in tights
    chasing a ball… I’ll be watching just in case there’s a false flag event.

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