25 comments on “The Superman Punch – MMA Surge, Episode 21”

  1. Lee Jun Kang says:

    hey, when you strike with your right fist, i noticed your left fist sorta
    created a feint effect…Make a video on feints plzz

  2. Lucky Luke says:

    Why superman? Such a dumb name…

  3. gilbert luis says:

    shane fazen :D

  4. vidhi gadhiya says:

    @mmasurge can you do a video on punching bag traininig for beginners ???

  5. Christopher Thomas says:

    I use that punch to move to the left handed position in a boxing match. I
    then did a left hook knocking him down. we got reset then I did a dubble
    jab then a right hook. I threw a left jab into the right handed position
    then knocking him down in the last round with a right hook. It was a good

  6. Mister Livé says:

    Who else laughed when he started getting winded xD ps this channel rocks,

  7. Thomas Mattinzioli says:

    @mmasurge could you do a video on like a home workout training exercise to
    help us obtain the physicality to do these techniques better? 🙂

  8. xxxTheron117xxx says:

    Not anymore. *trollface*

  9. mortalkombatfan24 says:

    Thanks, dude I’ve been wanting to know how to do this since I first got
    into MMA

  10. Mozspeare says:

    FML my little bro just kicked a hole in the wall doing this.. Thanks Squid

  11. SixStringPirate says:

    The superman punch isnt to do a lot of damage? tell GSP that see what he

  12. Brandon Medeiros says:

    First thing i ever learned when i started boxing lol!

  13. troy2918 says:

    love this channel i might be doing mma soon i want to do mma

  14. Andrew Montanez says:

    Oh yea?!?!! Where at? Amateur MMA or Pro?

  15. Lo-Key SannTanna says:

    the bst mma channel ever

  16. Andrew Montanez says:


  17. NinjaDude2112 says:

    ive thought about going to the 4 seasons gym close to my hometown but i
    cant come up with the money so ur videos are the next best thing :p

  18. Iz Bo says:

    You explain things very well.

  19. Jorge Rodriguez says:

    Just Learned Superman Punch ^^

  20. MMA Surge says:

    Thank you. Glad you’re enjoying these.

  21. Sackstomp McScrotumpuncher says:

    Love this Channel!

  22. NorthWestS30Team says:

    would it be a good idea to superman punch and if it fails go into a reverse

  23. MMA Surge says:

    Check out these training episodes: Fight Simulation Training, Episode 48
    Mat Drills, Episode 40 Medicine Ball Workout, Episode 39 There’s more to
    come! Keep training.

  24. TheKel003 says:

    Can you teach single leg transition to double leg takedown? Thanks !

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