The UFC cut who? MMA Tete-A-Tete w/ Eugene & Kid Nate

Kid Nate of and Eugene S. Robinson, author of Fight!, discuss the upcoming UFC 157 card in light of the massive list of fighters cut by the UFC last weekend. We also discuss Josh Barnett’s refusal to sign with the UFC unless they gave him the “Eddie Alvarez” deal.

14 comments on “The UFC cut who? MMA Tete-A-Tete w/ Eugene & Kid Nate”

  1. JohnnyAwesome420 says:

    hahahahahaha. I hate you.

  2. Dennis Pelton says:

    Alex Jones has theories not based in reality? His tag line is “I have the documents”. Between Kid Nate’s fight picks and his opinion of Alex Jones one can only come to the conclusion that the word KID is very fitting. If you want to be taken seriously as a writer spend more time doing research like Matt Drudge and Alex Jones instead of research on porn actresses. Maybe some day you’ll be able to earn some real money and finally make something of yourself. Till then good luck and God Bless.

  3. thomas maschine says:

    kyokushin karate is full contact karte shotokan-pointfighting…..

  4. Alan Garcia says:

    love you guys dynamic keep em coming

  5. Crayfish3D says:

    Nate you look like just walked off an early 90s Spike Lee joint, dope.

  6. Brog9 says:

    Better hat choice today Nate

  7. TheUFCnetwork says:

    Kennedy got shot because the CIA wanted to shut him up.

  8. bijitaq says:

    Great show, missed you guys.

  9. Denis Horvat says:

    awesome show , big fan from croatia

  10. ablackchaneldress says:

    ok youre on some crack if you think hendo or machida is being cut. CRACK

  11. KENADY13 says:

    i love these guys

  12. ablackchaneldress says:

    is stormfront hiring?

  13. pugilisticfanatic says:

    Always commended your effort and your judgement until I seen this southwestern ball cap you are wearing

  14. Satyabrata Parida says:


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