10 comments on “The UFC & MMA career of Anderson Silva II: Kid Nate & Luke Thomas”

  1. Karl Jan says:

    Disagree. If you compare their fights in the UFC. Jones has been a lot more impressive.

  2. Evilbusiness says:

    That being said Aldo over Jones all day

  3. Evilbusiness says:

    Thales Leitas was butt scooter, Demian Maia was a boring fight and the only reason we look to that fight was because of the “if Maia is such shit, why didn’t Silva kill him” argument and Cote’s leg gave out on him; technically not Silva’s fault… I think a lot of the reasons Silva was so hated was more to do with Dana’s temper and less to do with Silva’s performance.

  4. Karl Jan says:

    Hopefully there is a part 2

  5. amann24 says:

    Premature ending?

  6. Hunter Knight says:

    Is it missing something…?

  7. OJMMA says:

    Weidman is garbage this Luke Thomas dude is a bum he wishes that Anderson is going to lose but in the back up his skull the guy know’s Weidman aint got shit to bring to the table against the best/greatest fighters of all time. GSP is garbage

  8. Romain1212 says:

    Great stuff. This combination is strong. When are we getting a live, in house stream again with you guys

  9. Crayfish3D says:

    Love when Nate say ‘Flying heel Hooks’ and Luke just carries on :)

  10. skmylftnt says:

    Finally!!! Luke Thomas FTW!!!

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