14 comments on “The Voice of MMA: Fightland Meets Ariel Helwani”

  1. Fightland says:

    “In 10 years this sport is going to be mainstream…and I want to be one of
    the voices of mixed martial arts.” Ariel Helwani on the future of MMA

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  2. Lildrummerboy714 says:

    Loved this piece, and loved seeing the backstory behind Helwani. Great
    journalist, if not the best in MMA

  3. Adrian Grosvenor says:

    Great interview

  4. theblackslcmamba says:

    The mayhem miller episodes are the best!
    The whole double persona with him and the one where miller gives Ariel the
    lucky green jacket.
    Also, the rampage Jackson episodes are fantastic. He needs to keep making
    people uncomfortable to bring the best out of them.

  5. wombatparade says:

    Ariel is a beast! 

  6. junglisttt says:

    Powerfull Ariel Helwani!

  7. Koolaid From Houston says:


  8. Brian Martin says:

    Very cool feature. Ariel is the face of mma journalism. I think of him when
    it comes to big breaking stories like the Zuffa purchase of Strikeforce or
    the merger of WEC fighters into the UFC. 

  9. Andrew Carpenter says:

    Love ya Man!

  10. Bioxonik says:

    Very touching. Always liked this guy

  11. MMARoundup says:

    Great work guys.

  12. Simon Head says:

    Excellent piece. Really enjoyed that.

  13. philipee32 says:

    ha Ariel use to play interviewer

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