25 comments on “Thiago Silva MMA best Highlights ever (HD)”

  1. FullMetalJesus84 says:

    Oh well we won’t be seeing him in the UFC, but hopefully we can see him
    kick some ass if Felony Fights will have him

  2. A V B Ferreira says:

    I hope he drops the soap in the jail, his ass deserves to get raped for
    what he did

  3. AlfredoOne19 says:

    he got arrested :/
    but still the king!!

  4. justUGGGGHH says:

    it sucks he never fought rampage, it would have been awesome to see those
    two scary fuckers fight. they look like they were both made for prison

  5. Ziigmund says:

    Ruined his career over a women, how many times has this happened?

  6. 30mmBalistic says:

    Dude walks like a duck…. flat footed, too bad for him he threw his life
    away..guess that abuse his dad dealt got uncorked.

  7. Killa Kam says:


    That’s all I could think of…

  8. Renato Dumaresq says:

    Liked the video. Very honest. Specially because it starts with a defeat.
    I´m not a bad boys fan but I respect them. 

  9. Randleman says:


  10. TheJudoJoker says:

    Thiago Silva got into a standoff with police. However, the original result
    was changed to a NC due to a positive drug test.

    *Silva was also fined 20% of his purse for failing to make weight.

  11. TheGazFull says:

    gustafsson kills him

  12. skillfuldabest says:

    He won’t be fighting in the UFC anymore.

  13. ARON ADOLVSSON says:

    Not an animal? Other may think otherwise. His animal side landed him in

  14. meiyo8 says:

    badass sleeves too

  15. Bigdog Ferguson says:

    You left out the TKO of his girl…

  16. Heaven says:

    who is he fighting at 4:33 ?

  17. Fra Fre says:

    This guy has a lack of many skills, and most importantly respect for his
    fighter partners. 

  18. Wes Hatman says:

    A highlight of him getting knocked out? What are you stupid?

  19. DrAlligator58 says:

    Thiago silva is such a badass. And if you beat him, you’re more than a

  20. lasneh says:

    What a shame. So much potential and talent gone to waste cause his wife
    just couldn’t help herself from not fucking that jiujitsu instructor. And
    now he’s facing jail time. Just sad shit.

  21. azn sensation says:

    brazil has some mean mofos lol, when he was smacking vera…. team thiago
    alvez, thiago silva, alexander gustafen and junior dos santos

  22. Reece Budd-Hansberry says:

    Haha live the video image. Him acting tough against a guy who wrecked him

  23. Michael Schlosser says:

    Amazing Fighter, but Brock Lesnar is the Baddest Man on the Planet :)

  24. David Waters says:

    this guy looked like TRASH in his last fight. All his UFC wins are against
    lower teer fighters! (Hamill, Jardine, Antonio Mendez, Houston Alexander,
    Tomasz Drwal, James Irvin and Cavalcante would be his best win) he lost
    against….Rashad Evans, Machida and Gustafsson. NC against Vera and
    Nedkov……king my ass!!!!

  25. Andres morales santana says:

    What´s the name of the song of eminem???

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