18 comments on “Thorin’s Thoughts – MMA is a StarCraft Hero (SC2)”

  1. kezicss says:

    SC2 alive game Kappa

  2. Mike Shoes says:

    thooorin im a hypercasual sc2 fan and ive watched some vods of BW because
    you’d mentioned a particular game of I heard of a classic.
    I follow the csgo majors as vods, and OGN with the rare Na or Eu game. more
    LPL teams are interesting this year than Western teams. thats to help you
    “type” me as a fan. ive seen your material since new episodes of Grilled
    were coming up, a few months after you started in LoL I followed your
    career. this is one of the best stories you’ve ever told.

    I know it’s all different, interviews articles talkshows and this series.
    even with that in mind, this was great. no numerical rating. well told man

  3. beatsnextdoor says:

    no thorin at katowoice! bullshit!

  4. prgnify says:

    Thorin, with all the hype around agressive awpers like JW, and now the hype
    of the brazilian keyd and their Fallen, you could do a piece on “Who is
    Cogu?” the first most agressive awper I remember, myth and MiBR carry

  5. Odd Bjorn says:

    Awesome video. I’ve followed MMA’s career from the start, but I guess I
    never really put it in context like this to see how amazing it actually has

  6. Gogul Gogul says:

    I disagree with you.

    – Terran NEVER had problems except early HotS and they where overbuffed for
    that so MMA didnt do alot of enduring.
    – Terran has the most prizes in all Starcraft 2, they are the OP race.
    – The only reason Protoss has the same number of 24 cups as Terran is
    because they where OP for 6-9 months, it was the era of Protoss
    – If you want a real Starcraft Hero try people who played Zerg, they have
    17 cups so 5 behing both races and 25% tournaments won in HotS.

    So next time you want to say someone is a hero and a good strategist with a
    tought time in the game, be sure he was a Zerg cuz they had the worst time.
    ( with the exception of BL-Infestor that was the last year in WoL ) still 1
    year of OP to 4 of being UP its not that good.

  7. Zeratul123able says:

    also STX was STX soul, when sTX dropped sponsorship the team becaume SouL 

  8. futsel says:

    Your microphone sounds really nice. Almost like listening to the real

  9. ValonSC says:

    Oh it’s the guy who was a jerk to ret on twitter for no reason at all, and
    then tried to play the victim.

  10. carlitobass94 says:

    So good to hear about one of my favorite player MMA. I was crushed when he
    lost against Parting in GSL T_T

  11. prayrist says:

    Im a terran player and there are two players I will never forget: MMA and
    Mvp. Incredible players with a story that is unique and incredible.

  12. blackkats100 says:

    15:30 Soulkey was on Woongjin Stars for future reference.

  13. Jonathan F says:

    The longevity of players like MMA and MC is absolutely insane

  14. William Jensen says:

    Woongjin Stars had Soulkey, Stx was a different team

  15. zupboi says:

    thooorin can you give us some links to those great games?

  16. NCL Canon says:

    MMA is a true legend. I would have rate him over MVP if his run at GSL this
    season wasn’t stopped

  17. Kamadox says:

    that was Woonjing Stars

  18. Zeratul123able says:

    STX didnt have soulkey it was Woonjin Stars T_T 

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