24 comments on “Three Sweet Head-Kick KO’s – Inside MMA Viewer Subs”

  1. Rya Hollis says:

    Heck yeah that’s how we do around here haha

  2. kickinferg13 says:

    I’m Austin ferguson with the first head kick on this video, I’d just like to say I was trained to be humble and respectful at all times. But I will be the first to say as a amateur fighter, during a fight emotions are prime and instinctive that take time to learn to control, an I am still learning how to control celebration. Gotta Live and learn like everyone else!

  3. Rya Hollis says:

    Act like everybody has to be like fedor or gsp… I look like either of them ?? NOPE !!
    why?? cause i’m not them, if your for respect, fine. but I come to fight and put on a show not shake hands and be my opponents best friend

  4. Rya Hollis says:

    First off, I’m the guy who got the 2nd knockout, And I am a professional, And my opponent had 20 Pro fights. to my 6 pro fights, I see some little shit talkin bitches, But I DON’T have to be respectful in my fights If I don’t feel like it, Don’t like it ?? Then come get some 125 pounds, Tired of you little gay Hippies talkin about respect, This is fighting, And you can respect my foot in your mouth, Give yall that ATHLETES LIP !!
    But again, This is a fight, Im not here to be your fuckin friend

  5. coachrollieworkouts says:

    Agreed! Act like you’ve been there before. They need to take a look at how Fedor used to celebrate. He didn’t! It was just another day at the office.

  6. gunsnrosescolin2 says:

    all of those headkicks had some pretty sloppy technique to be honest… maybe except for the upkick

  7. bubasa87 says:


  8. omarcorrea says:

    Not very respectful fighters

  9. juanndee68 says:

    That was a lucky upkick, and the guy flailing must have a weak chin otherwise he would have came to right away. And I mean that in a non gay manner.

  10. sandmanx187 says:

    disrespectful fucker! i hope your teacher beats your ass for making yourself look like an ass!

  11. colddevil91 says:

    fucking dumb asses

  12. clipsryan says:

    Damn right. I can take a fighter being excited but to rub in a KO shows lack of maturity and honor which is something martial arts is about. These macho assholes think this makes them alpha-males so let’s he how much more alpha they are against as you said, pro fighters.

  13. clipsryan says:

    I agree.

  14. Steven Prado says:

    So disrespectful..this makes MMA look bad when they celebrate like idiots.

  15. Chris Reed says:

    Love a good KO, but hate it when the guys who get the KO’s act like complete twats.

  16. DeliriumzzZ says:

    I think Tyson sums it all up: /watch?v=ypGz2hh4q_o . That combined with the fact that you should show respect after you’ve fought. I’m happier with them acting a fool doing some stupid stupid dance than having them tower over the guy that is trying to gather his senses. No respect.

  17. smdbch1 says:

    Disrespectful celebrations. They need a pro fighter to make them more humble.

  18. therealmrpTV says:

    That last dude was a fag

  19. DarthKraze says:

    Love me some up-kicks

  20. JaYrRaMPaGe says:

    You can say that again. I mean literally say it again so I can upvote it.

  21. Trolls4daLols says:

    Cocky motherfuckers. Wait til they meet fighters who had more fights than just one.

  22. jjman559 says:

    2nd dude cocky

  23. BakuhatsuShojo says:

    1:08 “I HAVE NO BALLS, LOOK!”

  24. zbarq37 says:

    some stupid celebrations tho…

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