24 comments on “Tim Kennedy on PED Problem in MMA: ‘It’s Only Going to Get Worse’”

  1. taylor wagneers says:

    Never thought Kennedy was on steroids until this interview. Red flags

  2. GlassMetropolis says:

    Luke Thomas had a good idea in rewarded the fighters more who are clean.

  3. RSUN2012 says:

    Tim has a lot of good points, and I can understand his distaste for what he
    feels was unjust in the call to allow Romero to seemingly cheat by having
    extra time in between rounds. However, I would hope he change his mind, and
    ask for that fight in order to redeem himself if you will, and income wise
    it will be a major money maker, because of the story itself, and of course
    the fight having been entertaining the first go around. I’d love to see the
    rematch, but he is going to want to see it again.

    Steroids, and HGH are rampant in the sport we can relatively safely say
    without much doubt, so not testing every fighter on a card minimally
    several times leading up to a fight is inexcusable. Say there is 600
    fighter’s on the roster, but on a card there is only roughly 26, and the
    amount I hear recently is $300 with the results being available in at least
    half the amount of time per test than has recently been shown. The
    organizations need to step up their responsibility, because it is their own
    doing that is allowing these delays to continue. When someone decides to
    sue there is no one who can legitimately say the organization is
    not responsible for not asking for the results in a timely fashion. 

  4. David Kendall says:

    Tim (who I like) is a hypocrite. He condemns congress but does their dirty
    work as a “gov’t contractor.” Hard to come off as a man of principle,
    condemning PED’s in MMA when you don’t follow your principles in your daily

  5. bajskorv766 says:

    Tim should stop crying and go in to gay porn sicne he jsut likes hugging
    half naked guys

  6. last9emperor says:

    damn tim gets cut off at the best part and reasoning! really good interview

  7. Gama Isora says:

    That fight with Romero was bullshit. Tim got fucked over on that one.

  8. trexx32 says:

    Contrator….lol your a fucking price of shit war profiteer. I take a guy
    on steroids over a piece of filth merc any day

  9. jim j says:

    The hipster is strong in him, Mumford and Sons would be proud

  10. jj305456 says:

    Kennedy is still whining about the Romero fight. Calling them cheaters when
    he was the one grabbing Romero’s gloves. When you cheat yourself expect for
    your opponent to try the same.

  11. Tactical Italian says:

    Oh please…Tim you shouldn’t be waiting out for a special fight. Just take
    whatever they give you. Make some money before you’re too old to fight
    anymore. Special fights are for guys like nick diaz and anderson silva

  12. Mr33pantera says:

    the yoel romero fight killed Kennedy’s drive

  13. Petri Rendi says:

    LOL yeah you are clean Tim, we believe you

  14. ricky rua says:

    no one in the fucking world will be asking to see tim get a title fight!
    haha who in the love of fuck does tim think he is! all the guys who got
    caught on PED’s where guys in his age not the new guys!

  15. gizmo nala says:

    Tim go kill some arabs until this sport gets cleaned up no need to waste
    your prime with plenty of arabs to shoot

  16. Viking Tech says:

    yeah kennedy’s last fight was mc carthy’s fault to not put romero on his

  17. Lucas Anthony Vids says:

    k what’s up with Anderson Silva? Another test said he didn’t test positive
    for anything? I’m confused.

  18. Benji says:

    I knew Romero and his corner was stalling for time. Brazilians are such
    cheating assholes.

  19. TeeeeenaH says:

    Yes Nick tested positive a few times before getting a license and then
    finally passed in order to get his license, Nick failed post fight drug
    test. I thought you had to have results in order to get a license.
    Anderson, Diaz rematch!

  20. Warsilver says:

    It is really ridiculous that the test results come back after the fight
    instead of before; but at least there is some testing being done… better
    than nothing but still abysmal.

  21. Ben Salinas says:

    Kennedy’s athletic career and military background speaks for itself but
    goddamn he’s kind of self-righteous and annoying as shit…his whole
    disposition just rubs me the wrong way…

  22. Troy Stewart says:

    “Drugs are bad people” ok Mr. Perfect

  23. ACSW33TS says:

    i think Tim is using them as did GSP, 90% of UFC fighters use except
    Brendan Shaub and the people who lose lots

  24. TheVJProduction says:

    because tim kennedy opened up and showed who he is, i really like the guy

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