25 comments on “Tito Ortiz finaliza Alexander Shlemenko em seu retorno ao MMA”

  1. Esporte Interativo says:
  2. 44cspence says:

    Tito is so dumb!! Digging a hole like that.. Acts like beating someone who
    should be fighting at 170 is something special. I bet if dude worked on his
    cardio he could have won. Bet money he isn’t beating Hendricks, Weidmen,
    and dare say LHW. He was moving so slow, hang it up already.

  3. AceandScotch2 says:

    Tito haters gonna hate.

  4. InterestingFella says:

    Tito’s back!!!

    lol jk

  5. Aaron Villarreal says:

    oh my god lol Tito is such a gay. I went from liking him a lot, to
    disliking him highly xD

  6. Matt Hudson says:

    I’m amazed he did absolutely nothing to try and defend the choke….very

  7. Andrew Nyman says:

    how u r goin to make your star 185 title holder fight a 205lb nobody for no
    reason? what id slmenko have to gain so stupid. GJ lamettor

  8. John Mata says:

    People be hating. The other guy lost. You can do or say shit to change
    that. 25 pounds more is a challenge that the other dude couldn’t handle.
    Like this damn result can change anything. 

  9. Kevin Ribeiro says:

    kkk não esperava por esssa

  10. Maximo Mfranca says:

    O Tito é muito grosso atleta ruim de +

  11. hunterdka says:

    Damn he still remembers the old dig a hole routine after a win its just
    been so long I figured he forgot. 

  12. Annie Galabis says:


  13. Heber Eros Ferreira Silva heber says:
  14. Sparta2310 says:

    I was really surprised at how weak Alexander Shlemenko’s punches seemed to
    be. I know he is a tough fighter but it was as if he was intimidated by
    Ortiz and was too nervous because the real Alexander Shlemenkoe just did
    not turn up that night.
    I was also very surprised to learn that this was only Tito’s 2nd win since

  15. Алексей Гребенюк says:

    Kicks, not ckiks, sorry.

  16. YourIndoctrination says:

    Man Ortiz was just too strong. .

  17. Greutung says:

    Bravo, Tito.

  18. Renan Santos says:

    Ortiz tá gigante !!!

  19. Алексей Гребенюк says:

    I think, SHLEM was better than ORTIS in boxing and ckiks by he sould work
    at his wrestling aspessialy at his parter and the fight show that. The
    questions – whether SHLEM see that.

  20. Jet Lee says:

    Ortiz will get owned in the ufc again..Ortiz vs sonnon 

  21. bikhstir says:


  22. Huligan TJK says:

    закапай его нахуй тито молодец

  23. Maurício Prilla says:

    apaga, mas, não bate.

  24. Bruno Sillva says:

    Comemoração De Assassino.

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