Top 10 MMA Fails

Subscribe to MMA Surge: BJ Penn’s Leg Kick and Hook Counter: Single Leg Takedown Defense: Ben Henderson’s Axe Kick: Andrew “the Squid” Montañez ranks the most epic MMA fails of all time. Did we muck up the list? Tell us about your favorite fail in the comments! Originally from Queens, NYC, The Squid has a history of taking down the competition. He has dominated at Vale Tudo contests, Grappler’s Quest Nationals, even the National Fighting Championship. Follow him on Twitter at

25 comments on “Top 10 MMA Fails”

  1. asdfghjklrk85 says:

    Can you make a video on recovery after training please!

  2. OutsiderHALL says:

    great video, but i don’t think fry and takayama should be on it. they were warriors!!!!

  3. wickedcusi says:

    Guy at 1:26 what a complete cunt

  4. lennox sthilaire says:

    try using a single leg take down boxers use most of there upper body and there right hooks are not the same as a mma fighter there shorter and they have a spin motion to it like kick to inner leg just stay low you should be okay

  5. Zain Zidane says:

    What sound track is this?

  6. reuterclan says:

    I cried at 4:08…a lot…

  7. straighttailpilot says:

    great video made me laugh

  8. kanagula says:

    Frye vs Takayama is an absolute Win.

  9. musicianasian says:

    Someone should make a GIF at 2:56 Best KO eveeeer!!! XD 😛

  10. MMA Surge says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed this video. We have another cool highlight/compilation video dropping this week. Keep your eyes peeled. 

  11. TheLemons12321 says:

    Belcher did that a while ago too, I think it was against Sexyama.

  12. gravitybringspeace says:

    Lmao at the fall

  13. COOLSTORYBR001 says:

    waddup baby lips 😉

  14. Joseph Ben-Obasa says:

    the fourth one looks planned

  15. ty99999returns says:

    0:24 “im gonna put all the weight of u, on mah neck!”

  16. chokewho says:

    I agree!!

  17. doenowski123 says:

    Is there a proper way to make a fist

    (without gloves)?

  18. nuggetking1012 says:

    Did…did Mayhem just KO himself?

  19. XxFATfishREBORNxX says:

    hope u lose

  20. whoookiddd says:

    I will never see anyone with as much heart as Frye and Takayama

  21. Tim Childree says:

    Ah man, Frye and Takayama as a fail? Dude, that fight might have had the worst strategy ever, but it’s the kind of fight that will make anybody a fan of MMA.

  22. nukacola787 says:

    Actors who can fight for real

  23. TheAustinacid says:

    if u can can you make a video on different styles of chokes?

  24. MMA Surge says:

    We can. We have a top submissions of 2012 coming out. We have talked about doing some ESPN style stuff.

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