11 comments on “Top 10 MMA KOs of 2013 (Outside of the UFC)”

  1. RyanAWag says:

    Fuck you all, I like the music.

  2. Rosumisorimu says:

    Is that Jeff Monson in the last scene?

  3. AJDEFIXION says:

    worst music ever

  4. Pedro Ramirez says:

    #1 anthony pettis kick

  5. Mike Roch says:

    music is terrible and first one is a TKO

  6. Johnboi K says:

    Logged into youtube to say that music fking sucks.

  7. Jendrik Bankmann says:

    great ko’s, shit music…

  8. Carlos Garcia says:

    1 is a lucky kick

  9. themilkman3333 says:

    Holy fuck this song sucks.

  10. jiahkong96 says:

    U forgot kevin belingon vs this boi from Spain. Same fight card as koji
    oishi vs banorio 2

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