25 comments on “Top 10 MMA Submissions of 2012”

  1. lucky5th2 says:

    how does the bellator guys not know what a von flue choke is?

  2. dee aldo says:

    Guys tapped more quicker then Tate,damn man she got a balls of elephant…

  3. IDevuhstate says:


  4. Chan Shen says:

    Why MMA? Why brutal submissions? Dang this world is full of weird stuff….

  5. Tim Coyle says:

    I don’t get it. Why do you guys put these great fight videos on and then
    screw them up with totally inappropriate and distracting music? I don’t get

  6. Lucas Maselli says:

    Oh my gosh that Tate Rousey sub. Oh my gosh. 

  7. Marko vlaić says:

    jones is best

  8. Josh Ridolfi says:

    could do with out the super whiny stupid music in the background

  9. Jacob Huddleston says:

    Sadly this is the reason (mostly in America) why people find this sport
    boring. If more people learned a little but more about how complicated the
    ground game was and less people wanted fighters to just stand there and
    trade bombs like they used to. Mma would reach a whole new level of
    stardom. For me a good grappling display is just as exciting as a good
    stand up fight. 

  10. Trevor Shepherd says:

    Why doesnt the fucking videos ever fucking play on phones????!!! Its
    fucking bullshit

  11. Aldo Gonzalez says:

    Thats why I dont like mma, its pretty borring 

  12. RJ Last says:

    Good video, horrible music.

  13. hey12358y says:

    Miesha Tate is either superhumanly tough(that was the slowest breaking of
    an arm ever), or she really,REALLY hates Rousey and didn’t want to tap. My

  14. valetdabess says:

    That broken arm god damn

  15. Frank Duse says:

    Tate…. Never mistake courage and will to never give up, with what she
    displayed: unwise behaviour.
    Anyone complimenting her, now her arm is so fucked up that at best will
    never move the same again, and it will be a lot weaker than before.
    courage is one thing, stupidity is another, she would nevere have escaped
    the last armbar Rousey put her in.

  16. Bruno Lopes says:

    Song: Coheed And Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 

  17. joseph mengele says:

    u look like a poor mans excuse for dominic cruz. go shave n lose some

  18. CEE MEE says:

    Hope the girl is ok, and has a better understanding of how effective her
    guard is. Holding on when someone is slamming you can’t be justified
    because it’s”illegal”to slam someone. All bjj students should have to watch
    a slam reel, might literally save their neck

  19. HECTOR ARTURO says:

    Top MMA submisiions of 2012

  20. Ionut Stoica says:

    text is too small, can’t read what it says, try a larger font

  21. goi arboleda says:

    wheres franks mir submission victory?

  22. Alex Stafford says:

    Great song choice! Love coheed

  23. Mark Lasky says:

    Am I the only one who likes the song? What’s the name of it? 

  24. TheTomahawkDC says:

    whats the name of that song?

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