Top 10 takedowns in MMA history

Go to and https to get access to the latest videos! Top 10 MMA takedowns of all time! This is a list of some of the most important, brutal and technical takedowns in MMA history. If you had to make your own list, who would be in? Share your thoughts! All rights reserved to Zuffa, LLC.

25 comments on “Top 10 takedowns in MMA history”

  1. Celal Hakan says:

    where is the takedown from rampage jackson vs the japanese guy? :O

  2. RageAgainsTheMachin says:

    nice song

  3. Bionickle says:

    Maia’s trip is my favorite just because of the sweet transition into the mounted triangle ^__^ And man, Fedor was an animal to survive that sick throw from Randleman!!

  4. reginald953 says:

    craziest part of the Randleman one was that Fedor tapped him out right after the suplex!

  5. MillionBucksDude says:

    Song name Pleasee

  6. vespaman101 says:

    You’re an idiot. A throw is a takedown. There are different types of takedowns Throws/Suplexes, Hip tosses, shots, trips/sweeps, and headlock takedowns. Idiot….

  7. Axel Villaseñor says:

    Bro great list! Buuut lol what about the one Frankie Edgar did on Gray Maynard in their second matchup? It’s a classic, I’m sure you know which one I’m referring to

  8. Mrboutitboutitallday says:

    Where the hell is karo parysian vs diego sanchez ? Come on thats easy top 5

  9. kajetan88 says:

    Anderson vs Nate is worth mentioning.

  10. HermanHermes says:

    Youre so right. And now when i remember how Bob Sapp used to be like i cant understand what he is doing nowadays in the ring? Back in the day, he was The Beast literally, everyone feared him, he was like mad truck, giant….but now he is just an entertainer…why…

  11. mbwcolts says:

    and fedor still beat randleman. fedor (in his prime of course) is the greatest of all time

  12. Mario Harris says:




  13. JonCollins008 says:

    some people are so stupid, seriously asking why that bob sapp slam was on here. maybe they need to learn how to read the title before making claims on how a take down doesnt belong on a list. plus that slam was awesome, especially because nog survived and ended up winning the fight. god some people piss me off.

  14. JonCollins008 says:

    heroic, majestic and impressively great? wtf, where did you get that shit? I just meant that it is impressive, and awesome. I bet if I slammed you on your head then everyone watching would be like “OOOOHHHHH!!!!”

  15. rzrselliott says:

    yes your absolutely right, that takedown was…heroic, majestic, and impressively great all at the same time..*slaps forehead*

  16. MrPozzerz says:

    You don’t need to be an expert at something to realize that somebody has bad/good/perfect technique. Plus this is Bob Sapp we’re talking about, he doesn’t have much technique.

  17. TheShinobi32 says:

    Most of these were throws not takedowns.

  18. MMALEECH says:

    Dude, throws and takedowns belong to the same category, a throw is still a takedown dude!

  19. hunterMH1 says:

    u forgot rashad evans vs tito ortiz and frankie edgar vs gray maynard

  20. kcnB says:

    Stop trying to sound like you an expert.

  21. JonCollins008 says:

    that russian guy knocking out picel with that suplex is epic.

  22. JonCollins008 says:

    umm, because its epic…..

  23. Matheus Kevin says:

    faltou umas quedas do jon jones

  24. Junior Cigano Dos Santos says:

    Egdar vs Maynard?

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