25 comments on “Top 10 Worst MMA Fighters”

  1. albozzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Please make more video’s, more often, longer and more often again. I know
    I’m greedy but fuck it these are gold!

  2. Vanq says:

    I would’ve given this a like if you weren’t so disrespectful to the
    fighters, saying their only purpose is to make other fighters look good etc

  3. Airstrike Mike says:

    4:00 LOL!!!!!!

  4. black kenpachi says:

    Too bad it’s only big promotions. Anyone who knows about Kenneth Allen
    knows he’s definitely the worst mma fighter of all time 

  5. Kevin A says:

    How was Bob Sapp not #1 lmaooooo

  6. JamezJitsuV2 says:

    Elvis isn’t bad to be fair. I’d put that Greek guy who fought the Checynen
    on the fox card here.

  7. x High Deff x says:

    Seeing Kimbo in the thumbnail made me laugh haha, love this channel

  8. TheSportsYahoo says:

    The Fred Ettish Awards…..

  9. BadBless96 says:

    I like the reasoning behind everyone on this list, it’s not like Watchmojo
    where it’s based on opinion. This list is based on performances and
    records. Great video, can’t wait to see more.

  10. SmoothS says:

    No Andy Wang?

  11. videogamegenius says:

    4:09 Giant Silva Rules!!! lol

  12. TheVJProduction says:

    dam now you got a girl doing your voice over. dam your making it big time.
    unless your actually a girl, which would make me 10x more of a fan.

  13. Theekanac says:

    kimbo je ubica, a ti nisi normalan! bob sap je ubedljivo na prvom mestu!

  14. chipchipersonmdphd says:

    Ooooo ssssshhhheeeeeiiiiiiiitttttttt

  15. 123puta3 says:

    I would say fighters put too much on the line, and sacrifice too much to be
    in such a disrespectful video, especially if they were a fighter in the
    UFC, which is on it’s own an accoplishment..

  16. BeastSports02 says:

    Good job, just wondering, what about Charlie brenneman?

  17. Edgar Enriquez says:

    Great videos you make. Upload more!

  18. Stuart Jones says:


  19. Johnny Lee says:

    Tank Abbot wasn’t on this list?

  20. Alex Mallinson says:

    Bob Sapp has to be number 1

  21. Bayardo Mejia says:

    CM Punk should watch this video and take notes!

  22. Karl Shannon says:

    Toney wasn’t “matched” with Couture he demanded he fight Couture to try to
    prove his point.

  23. enrique ortiz says:

    Damn, imagine being one of these fighters and seeing this video. Must suck
    pretty bad. But da trut is da trut! Thank you, TheMontageKing. You are the

  24. Jim Lawler says:

    Sean Salmon ahahahaha, this guys career went downhill man

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