25 comments on “Top 15 Worst Injuries In MMA (GRAPHIC)”

  1. ReD ReaVeR says:

    7:52 Dislocared or dislocated?

  2. GammaZ Tonga says:

    A neuroscientist in the JRE podcast said that the first injury (Mark
    Hominick hematoma) has direct correlation with severe brain damage. So sad

  3. UnburnableCow says:

    The best part is hearing the crowds reactions xD

  4. Jesse Zelkin says:

    Well done. Keep it up!

  5. TheJudoJoker says:

    points for using The Who

    your videos always have great music

  6. chipchipersonmdphd says:

    Not for the squeamish

  7. TheAllstar22 says:

    +TheMontageKing You’re the man for doing these types of videos. I love
    every single one of them! keep em coming.

  8. chiwing chan says:

    Damn I can’t enjoy this video. So painful to watch.

  9. Devin Mccallum says:

    lol Aoki is such a douche

  10. Fighter Thunderon says:

    Ouch so painfull to watch but good job anyway.

  11. Logan Armstrong says:

    Great vid as always man, I’ve been waiting for a decent vid like this for

  12. SuppressorBN says:


  13. Kujien says:

    great video as always

  14. Peter Puig says:

    I broke my humerus bone. I wasn’t laughing. Salute for not tapping

  15. Misael Caballero says:

    You deserve a lot more subscribers

  16. WeekendFright says:

    great video but im starting to regret watching it hahaha

  17. Cristian Avalos says:

    Even though it’s three in a row every time I see broken fibula and tibia
    just makes me cringe so hard

  18. dennis ramone says:

    Exelente top 15 de los mejores

  19. The Progidy says:

    it was painful to watch :<

  20. BangBebop says:

    Great video but Ohhhh maaaaan the pain

  21. Joey Rangel says:

    Awesome vids as usual thanks 

  22. Jspoken812 says:

    It’s a good list… I’m on number 11 right now and this is REALLY hard to
    watch. Which further validates this list as good lol.

  23. clovisisabeast says:

    Aint no sunshine… Nice touch

  24. Rando1975 says:

    One that is missing is Jose “Pele” Landi vs. Brian Gassaway from TKO 32:
    Ultimatium. Pele breaks his leg on a checked kick similar to Hill & Silva. 

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