9 comments on “Top 5 MMA Comebacks of All Time”

  1. MAPLE SAUCE says:

    That last fight dude was out from time 

  2. Cage Riot MMA says:

    Legend FC – Top 5 MMA Comebacks of All Time: Watch the top 5 MMA comebacks
    of ALL Time at Legend Fighting Championship! #5: Liu Wenbo vs. Matt Cain at
    Legend 7 #4: Yusuke Kasuya vs. Jacques Marsters at Legend 10 #3: Rob Hill
    vs. Yusuke Kasuya at Legend 8 #2: Rob Hill vs. Nam Yui Chul… @LegendFCMMA

  3. SeNgokuRaiden00 says:


  4. damagejackal10 says:

    Ha! Kasuya an Rob were in two of these

  5. Vinnie964 says:

    Tony Rossini what a beast, didnt tap!

  6. Meneleo Angelo Carlos says:


  7. bet hongkong says:


  8. Johnny Boy says:

    Shot jacques u are the mantist!!!!

  9. Chris Mariano says:

    the guy looks like he died

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