25 comments on “Top MMA Fails Pt. 4”

  1. Nuno Rodrigues says:

    0:10 what a troller omg i cant stop lathing HAHAHAHAHHA

  2. Андрей Т says:

    help me to find this man and his name (big) 1. 25 please 

  3. Hamzah Javed says:

    that Chinese guy is circling in dude’s orbit

  4. Mıstık Arabayagıstık says:

    At last a new song yes dude

  5. Dragan Trboljevac says:

    Who are those guys on 0;10 ? :D

  6. sknockout says:

    lmao titos funny

  7. azraelangelofred says:

    MMA Surge releases some of the shittiest training vids for MMA with unheard
    of fighters and you guys wanna claim Ken Shamrock is a fail? Lol! Desperate
    to leech off some of his fame?

  8. almarnaatfolket says:

    What song is this?

  9. F4ceYourFe4rs says:

    black sumo and an asian kick boxer?

  10. daude111 says:

    “I’m gonna beat you until the living death” lol, wut?

  11. KeiDollarSignHa says:

    damn.. walking is not healthy for that guy

  12. Matt Hood says:

    0:49 Do a barrel roll!! lmao

  13. b3rtje15 says:

    stop stop by the black keys

  14. LocoJovo says:

    WOOOOOOTH is going on ?!??! xD xD xD

  15. joel Vmartinez says:

    que risa me dio mucha risa cuando el campeon se comenzo a reir

  16. jtwidmer says:

    Tito laughin at Ken is still classic.

  17. AngryJT says:

    “I am gonna beat you into the living death.”

  18. CaptainHeavyNuts says:

    1:33 come here im gonna eat you!!! btw stop this godamn music!!

  19. Ecce Pepe says:

    0:51 fucking panda…!

  20. sam91004 says:

    Song name please?

  21. cloud4527 says:

    an orange belt?

  22. projenna says:

    Emmanuel Yarborough… just the flip side of the coin from Bob Sapp.

  23. Randomname12345678 says:

    “beat you into the living death” Aww i gotta remember that one. Even the
    other guy was laughing before tito started cracking up.

  24. Karlis Kasiitis says:

    Hey, where can I find the part from 0:30? 😀 Can someone link the page or
    something? 😀

  25. RickMerchantttt says:

    I fucking love how that chair just pops up out of nowhere. lmao.

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