10 comments on “Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments in MMA”

  1. freddy hayes says:

    best vid of yours i have seen in a while, thumbs up for the lols

  2. muaar says:

    i want to fuck-e chucky 

  3. Outer Heaven says:

    LMAO you’re awesome, keep doing it.

  4. J2DaRockbaby says:

    Lmao my new fav channel 

  5. Skep Tical says:

    Let me bang bro

  6. Jeremy Why says:

    LMAO @ “You’re the Best…” snippets towards the end. 

  7. deear diesel says:

    Yea, dat last one, no offense to him, but yea…

  8. SuppressorBN says:


  9. crossfades456 says:

    Good stuff

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