25 comments on “Top Worst 15 Injuries In MMA (VERY GRAPHIC)”

  1. FloridaMods @Quit says:

    Ah, those last 3 were fucking nasty man that’s gotta hurt so bad.

  2. JustStayDown90 says:

    Why would you *possibly* continue attacking someone when their leg just

  3. JoeP'sJAS says:

    8# i hope that mothefucka dies in a hole. Piece of shit, gives the finger
    to a person who just broke his arm

  4. Alice Tumblescribbleson says:

    Shit, I could only watch 3 in then I felt sick haha

  5. NateTheItalianStallion says:

    5:42 That was a fucking slick move by the referee, somebody does some

  6. Claudiu Mihael Terenche says:

    Top Worst 15 Injuries In MMA (VERY GRAPHIC): https://youtu.be/Py1q34u3BKo

  7. Jerry McMuddles says:

    How did Silva vs Weidman 2 not make the number one spot?!
    C’MON MAN!

  8. Walise says:

    MMA is such a dumb shit, is it allowed to break bones ? Decay of humanity,
    thats what makes me sad

  9. Norrin Radd says:

    Holy crap…every clip was horrifying and cringe worthy O.o OUCH!!

  10. JTM Endo says:

    1:17 – “…and that is just the cauliflower separating from the ear.”

  11. UltimateX FRS says:

    only the asian guy cared about his opponent, MMA is one sick people sports,
    gentleman do traditional martial arts.

  12. Chris DeVincentis says:

    I really dont understand why ppl wanna do this for a living

  13. ☆ Aksu ☆ says:

    how this can be even legal :/

  14. John Smith says:

    MMA is the worst “sport” ever invented. They talk about the effect boxing
    and other contact sports have on the long term health of its participants I
    dread to think how these fellas will be in 25 years time. 

  15. Ju Lucas says:

    number 3 was funny to me, until they did slow motion

  16. IamJacksColon4 says:

    drink milk

  17. boom shakalaka says:

    i am always want to going in mma /ufc,but after this man,…

  18. Fireflame9547 says:

    I remember crying when I watched # 3 cause he was like my favorite

  19. Ju Lucas says:

    number 1 had me like nope, wwe before mma, only for safety

  20. omaduskilas says:

    Some of these injuries broken bones etc have happened in rugby soccer etc
    far worse injuries have occurred in moto, racing & extreme sports etc
    people have died surfing so this isn’t as bad as people think. Put it into
    perspective rather than demonise this wonderful entertaining sport

  21. Keyon Rosen says:

    Hahaha rosi sexton

  22. MJubeily says:

    AGG this is so disturbing to watch ! Seeing the arms and legs bend like
    rubber ! Oh the agony !!

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