25 comments on “Two Days with Nick Diaz’s WAR MMA”

  1. nottsdez says:

    sucks even more when u have stayed up to watch it mate but u cant complain it was free! and in the uk we dont even get mma on free tv everything and i mean everything but bamma is on either a paid for channel or ppv

  2. begood20000 says:

    At least he’s trying to do something. I applaud people who try instead of doing nothing their whole lives.

  3. Jason Smith says:


  4. Jason Smith says:

    Yeah, I know you were hating, I was just saying it must have sucked to be in the UK or to be unable to view the stream properly. Hopefully after a few events Nick can get some kind of TV deal or put it on PPV

  5. Jason Smith says:

    cry? You’re the perfect example of a nerd with a miserable life. Do you honestly believe everyone that can manage a website is a nerd?

  6. nottsdez says:

    dont get me wrong i anit hating at all i enjoyed this event and to be honest if the streaming was abit better i would of been happy to donate 4.20 lol but yeah am on 50mg download which is about as good as u can get for my area and the stream was bad every 5 seconds was like it skipped a frame or something was hard to watch because u missed certain punches and stuff i dont know but as far as the video quality was good crisp and clear i will watch the next one too

  7. T1memaster says:

    Yea and then you go cry to some “nerd” to have it fixed. Get owned dumbass.

  8. Jason Smith says:

    poor streaming in the UK? In the US the stream phenomenal, definitely better than the Invicta stream and it was Nick’s first event.

    The fact that Nick’s site was attacked just proves that Nick Diaz haters are nerds with miserable lives. They have a massive online presence and its so enraging. They’re prim & proper, doing the things you’re supposed to, but they’re going nowhere and their lives suck. So they see Nick getting things done, being more successful than them, and they hate him for it.

  9. lidoolsakura says:


  10. mdavis1992 says:

    Nick is my favourite fighter, but like Dana said “welcome to the losing money business”, this won’t last

  11. nottsdez says:

    u didnt notice the bong had changed sides after the site went down? was on the left at 1st before the site went down, the site goes down the stress comes the the next shot the bong is on the right hand side next to the laptop and the guy that was stressed! ie he did hit the bong just off shot i think

  12. supermanwithpower says:

    whats there to say? its a bong…

  13. nottsdez says:

    to be honest i kind of liked the ring and not a cage the only thing with this event was poor streaming at least it was in uk. but as the site was down 6 mins before it went live i would say job well done

  14. 7RAFAGT says:

    12:52 Old Clay Guida?

  15. Ownage1067 says:

    This actually looks really good. All the people calling Nick Diaz dumb. He might be, I don’t know and neither do you, but one thing is for sure, he is intelligent when it comes to fighting. Don’t sleep on Nick Diaz. He knows the business and understands the game. I hope this promotion lasts.

  16. eduardo Terrazas says:

    check my shit out , Real Hip Hop no Bullshit
    your time is apreciated

  17. larry trujillo says:

    You can’t just come out like the UFC,we need something different tired of UFC rules

  18. JaxenChaz says:

    Looks pretty cool

  19. JaxenChaz says:

    Love your work, E. Casey. You and Esther are a couple of my favorite people in all of MMA.

  20. wu10314 says:

    Wow this guy is a scatter brain. Nick. Be a boss bro.

  21. Chad Frost says:

    agree 100% main guy total tard. Bad look for Diaz, mainly due to the fact the Nick is not the most lime light hungry guy out there – he should have a likable “nice guy” fronting shit for him, rather than that arrogant brainless tard… Just sayin…

  22. automaton626 says:


  23. bouncingsoul818 says:

    I’m thinking one of Nick’s stoner buddies talked him into doing promotional stuff, he’ll do afew more UFC fights for money, the only thing I’m thinking is he’ll be so far out of fighting shape and some guy wrestles him down and elbows puts another negative mark on his record. DIAZ WON THAT CONDIT FIGHT!!!

  24. Ownage1067 says:

    This looks like this can be good. Hopefully Nick does a good job. I like the grittiness of it.

  25. Jason Smith says:

    From what I’ve seen, Nick is almost always smarter than the people who call him stupid… and I highly doubt you’re the exception

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