9 comments on “Tyrone Spong Proved Some MMA Moves Really Work In WSOF 4 Fight with Angel DeAnda”

  1. xArcher24x says:

    Dude didn’t only hang in there….He give it to Sponge

  2. 920802 says:

    i dont think a swollen knuckle counts as an injury for these guys 🙂

  3. Pencils440 says:

    Amazing fighter. He said no injuries, yet his knuckle looked fucked and swollen again, is that the same one as from before, before his last Kick boxing match?

  4. MrChopzz says:

    Great job by both guys! Keep it up.

  5. coolbreezeification says:

    Tyrone is a beast !!

  6. 792bnz says:

    I hope he does well

  7. angryn0oblet says:

    Nice work by Tyrone 

  8. slevinlindsay says:

    i love the respect displayed by MMA fighters.

  9. Mike Larry says:

    Hi karyn ! I love youre videos

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