UFC 155: Costa Philippou Will Not Fight Chris Weidman

Costa Philippou talks about finishing Tim Boetsch at UFC 155, being rocked in the first round, fighting his way to the title, and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here:www.youtube.com – Check us out on Facebook (Facebook.com/MMAFighting) and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting www.mmafighting.com

24 comments on “UFC 155: Costa Philippou Will Not Fight Chris Weidman”

  1. nfl20 says:

    costa would have lost if boestch didnt get hurt

  2. signboyy says:

    boetsch needs to take supplements so that he doesnt keep breaking his bones. broke his foot in his last fight and broke his hand in this fight

    the barbarian has brittle bones

    i think this fight would have gone differently if boetsch had two hands

  3. signboyy says:

    this dude has a great sprawl

  4. MrSojaman says:

    weidman is his teammate

  5. sandysanchez4 says:

    All i need to say is undefeated in the UFC. He destroys his opponents, he has gone up in weight class and made them look like fools. You obviously didn’t watch Anderson’s losses, go look at the flying heel hook and tell me it wasn’t amazing. You just pulled up wikipedia and decided he lost to a bum.UFC has the best fighters, and beat all of them.Fedor is lucky he never came to UFC,he would lost to Cain/JDS/Overeem/Cormier list can go on.If Anderson remains UD, those who deny him r simply haters

  6. crimsonweskers says:

    This guy is a cheat. Whether he meant it or not, he cheated. A couple times, too.

  7. vanlee21 says:

    Why would you not fight Weidman he’s without a doubt top 3 best middleweightin the world. And a win over him would propel philopou to the next level, and into serious contendership status for that belt strap. So to say he would not fight him makes me questionable.

  8. kostolac12 says:

    My argument weak? haha is that why you completely ignored it and went onto some irrelevant crap? HAHAHA one of the guys who tapped Silva has a record of 11 wins 13 losses LOL and the other guy has over 30 professional fights with only 2 submission wins haha and these are the guys that pull off “ridiculous top level submissions” LOL you’re retarded haha. Fedor is a warrior who fought guys much bigger than him Silva fights bums and still losses FEDOR IS GOAT.

  9. sandysanchez4 says:

    My logic is not retarded, you’re getting a little defensive there buddy, you must noticing how weak your argument is. The times Anderson lost in Pride were to ridiculous top level submissions during which he was dominating the fight. The UFC has the top level competition it isn’t even questionable. Fedor lost to a middleweight and he’s a god damn heavyweight, the same middleweight Anderson dominated. Anderson is undefeated in the UFC, he make pro fighters look like children. HE IS THE GREATEST.

  10. kostolac12 says:

    That logic is idiotic. Let me show you a recent example Gustaffson got submitted by Phil Davis who Rashad completely dominated, Machida knocked Rashad out but Machida was knocked out by Shogun who Gustaffson just beat see how retarded your logic is? Also if you’re going to try use the whole “oh he wasn’t in the ufc” argument well Anderson WAS in pride and he lost to unknown bums where as Fedor’s losses all came against well known fighters. Fedor is GOAT.

  11. kostolac12 says:

    Fedor was unbeaten for 10 years in pride with the majority of his fights being finishes against bigger guys Silva lost to bums in pride and has 4 career losses the same as Fedor but doesn’t have anywhere near the winning streak Fedor had therefore, Fedor is GOAT.

  12. Dimitrios Anastasiou says:

    Kosta is taking it step by step. with more training and ring time this guy will be top 3 no doubt,

  13. Atmosphereification says:

    He pulled God. 

  14. Atmosphereification says:


  15. Nemanja Bojovic says:

    I think that costa wanted to ko ariel after question about weidman 🙂

  16. MrJOEYSPIT says:

    Thats not a stupid kick my friend

  17. David Esquilin says:

    Costa is a rising star. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him later this year.

  18. youartoyube says:

    no, costa vs lombard

  19. sandysanchez4 says:

    in fact, Anderson submitted Henderson who knocked Fedor out.

  20. sandysanchez4 says:

    Silva is 16-0 in the UFC with countless spectacular finishes. Fedor was a beast but he never fought in the UFC and he lost 3 in a row. Anderson will never allow that to happen, he’s the GOAT no question.

  21. kostolac12 says:

    Nothing has been decided and the fight isn’t happening unless GSP takes it which if it isn’t at 170 he doesn’t have to. Weidman looks like an elite wrestlers but I want see him again before I make the call but GSP and Jones are both better takedown artists and wrestlers than Chael with much better submission defence Silva will struggle against both of them. Also you didn’t make much of an effort to reply to my argument about Fedor being GOAT have you admitted he’s better than Silva?

  22. sandysanchez4 says:

    They will fight at a catchweight of 177.5 lbs! It has pretty much already been decided! And Silva can handle the “elite” wrestler, just look what he did to Chael.

  23. Joey Ardion says:

    Thats what you call, “Class” This guy i have instantly become a fan of after his first interview after getting into the UFC. He knows his “God-Speed”

  24. TheBaxter97 says:

    Sure, I understand. I’m American of German-English descent and can sun tan well.

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