UFC 155: Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2 Post-Fight Press Conference (HD / complete + unedited)

MMA HEAT brings you the complete and unedited UFC 155 Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2 post fight press conference from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Karyn Bryant has been nominated 2012 MMA Journalist of the Year in the World MMA Awards. Please take a minute to vote for her: www.tinyurl.com – Thank you! Be sure to visit www.MMAHEAT.com for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook www.facebook.com * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: www.twitter.com * Follow Karyn on Twitter: www.twitter.com

25 comments on “UFC 155: Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2 Post-Fight Press Conference (HD / complete + unedited)”

  1. KuvNtxubCajDabLiab says:

    I HAVE NEVER SEEN a more sluggish fighter then JDS that night in their 2nd fight

    he look like he was drugged !

  2. Ivan Rascon says:

    jajajajajjajja el goyo habla de la verga el ingles

  3. Dboyz62 says:

    JDS has no ground game. Cain attacked his weakness. How delusional can some of you be? Cain is gonna be very hard to dethrone. He is the complete mma fighter. Meet the real HW Champ Cain Velasquez!

  4. Cristhian Mejia says:

    OoOoOoOoOoOo That’s Why!!

  5. oooSHYGUYooo says:

    HAHA chael sonnens mom almost killed yushin okami!!

  6. jgmads says:

    Lesnar is overrated,his skill is for WWE only..JDS is a different beast, but he was tamed by money coz ufc is business just like boxing..He is dropping his hands and does not even retaliate now if you’re following jds then you know what i mean.

  7. Vinelandboys13Gang2 says:

    Wat u talking Bout Fixed??u probably said that on the Lesner fight too huhu Cain shorting his range and took him apart so No One thot of Cuz they wud defending themselfs Too Just Luke he Did Gamepkan Gone Wen he got dropped

  8. 11049cisco says:

    Dude he couldn’t make it to the press conference cause he got his ass kicked good. Cain destroyed him.

  9. carfirehawk1 says:

    Pupsalex… You’re (not your) the STUPIDEST MORON I’ve ever come across. Go and die, bitch. You’re soooooo stupid.

  10. jgmads says:

    Hmmm..Did dana told it to you while you’re licking his balls? lol..I know how jds fight, and the way he fought against cain is plain bullsh!t. Where are jds punches? his accuracy is gone, cain is always open.BTW, I watched UFc since Royce gracie and I know when a fight is fixed..now everybody is salivating for the 3rd fight and Dana is laughing at your faces kiddo!!!lol.

  11. pupsalex says:

    If you really think this fight was fixed you have no business watching ufc,go watch boxing with the other dicks.

  12. pupsalex says:

    bit of a dickhead you yes!! shittyass dickhead.

  13. pupsalex says:

    I really hope your being a shittyass troll because you are full of shit,ufc cant be fixed,dana would not aloow it,you obviously know nothing about mma and ufc,pathetic comment,go and hide under a table with a big blush on your face.

  14. pupsalex says:

    Dont tell me you would refuse alot of money to wear a t.shirt! Wearing a nike or a IM A KNOBHEAD t.shirt makes no difference you stupid prick,fuck off and watch boxing because you know nothing about ufc fighters.t.shirt my big dick.

  15. Jose G Andrade says:

    Funny wen Cain lost people said the same thing that it was a fixed fight

  16. jgmads says:

    Im a cain fan but its a fixed fight from start to end.

  17. Wallychans says:

    U realize i meant i’m not gonna try offending and talk shit about YOU cuz I’ve never met YOU (not talking about JDS)…You seem to have a thing for taking offense by people comments, taking it personal, and you try talking shit about them as if u knew them. I’m not gonna waste my time doing that tho. I don’t get overly emotional over a simple argument unlike you…

    Keep calling me a stupid fool and shit…You mad much brah?

  18. smdbch1 says:

    What does me taking a picture with him have to do with it? You stupid fool i will quote you so you know. “Unlike YOU, im not gonna get offended by ur dumbass comment and start trying to talk shit about some person i’ve never met” Now please learn to have a conversation and stop ruining yourself with your own comments. 

  19. Al Biz says:

    hahah they deleted your comment loser.

  20. mundoram1 says:

    Ws up champ

  21. Dave Rhodes says:

    Thanks for your input, we always like to hear from the retards.

  22. Sp310la says:

    Here’s a short clip of him talking with his face all swollen. watch?v=KLxLU8lPsmk

  23. Dirceu Batista says:


  24. Puddi77 says:

    Lauzon: “I could feel warmness spill over my face.”

    That’s what she said.

  25. McBallinXXII says:

    jds sucks, got lucky in the first fight.
    hahahha jk!

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