UFC 155: Eddie Wineland Says Brad Pickett Sent Him ‘for a Loop’

Eddie Wineland talks about his ‘fun fight’ with Brad Pickett at UFC 155, dealing with boos from the crowd, recovering from an 0-2 UFC start, and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here:www.youtube.com – Check us out on Facebook (Facebook.com/MMAFighting) and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting www.mmafighting.com

25 comments on “UFC 155: Eddie Wineland Says Brad Pickett Sent Him ‘for a Loop’”

  1. shroyuken904 says:

    Lol the butt hurt troll returns again, scrolling down the comments to see who got first place and to find me…. Lol, get good kid and maybe one day you’ll get first comment

  2. LOLatPactards says:

    You’re still a loser,congrats.

  3. armysimpson says:

    This guy impressed me big time. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

  4. armysimpson says:

    I thought this fight was one of the best displays of mma. Both guys technique and output was amazin. When i heard booin i waz disgusted

  5. TheCraig11350 says:

    themurfdog710-Not sure he meant it like that. For me I prefer a great scrap back and forth over a quick KO or TKO.

  6. themurfdog710 says:

    “I keep scoring points” Hate this about the new breed of fighters. 

  7. iceman8736 says:

    Probably the same judge who gave Guillard 30-27 over Varner.

  8. burgerkingsucks1 says:

    i don’t care what joe rogan says cause he’s biased as hell when it comes to his preference of fighters. regardless, all i saw in this fight was wineland outworking pickett with superior striking due to effective counter punching. wineland’s head movement, timing and distancing was top notch. pickett is a tough guy and a great fighter but wineland clearly took each of the three rounds.

  9. xGoC says:

    I’m sure they all got compensated and paid more than they should have!

  10. gunndull7 says:

    Wineland looked good, so did Perez. Interesting!

  11. Rody Dawson says:

    it was a lot closer than joe rogan made it sound. 1st round – wineland. 2nd round – either way. 3rd pickett was getting into his groove

  12. mathiasffs says:

    such a cool dude.
    good fight.

  13. burgerkingsucks1 says:

    i cant believe some judge scored it 28-29 pickett. what a retard

  14. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    wow thats so amazing what are the odds…….. oh 50 / 50.

  15. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    especially when the leben and okami fight were on the ppv .

  16. oldschoolrapnigaz says:

    i met eddie at a local mma event here in indiana, i was with my team becuz one of my teammates was fighting and eddie was just chillin sitting in a chair in the same curtain as us all, hes a real cool dude he doesnt talk much tho (:

  17. ciaran giblin says:

    ya feel sorry for wineland and pickett having to compete for fight of the night with joe lauzon/miller and jds/velasquez

  18. Robert Wanko says:

    Wineland and Pickett was a war. Great fight! Great fight!

  19. TheBestMMAHouse says:

    Eddie if fuckin entertaining and a fuckin amazing fighter, very nice fight!!!

  20. Don Deveroux says:

    What was up with that “Salty” comment at the post fight press conference? Felt awkward.

  21. brandon NINTENDO says:

    Wobbly St.

  22. MMAMELEEdotCOM says:

    Check out all the latest MMA industry videos at our social network MMAMELEE.com

  23. RantinRonnie says:

    Cain won i called it!!

  24. amcbirds says:

    JDS got raped 🙁

  25. Dark5ide12 says:

    Jds lost

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