UFC 155: Jamie Varner ‘I’m Better Than Joe [Lauzon]’

Jamie Varner talks about breaking his thumb against Melvin Guillard, bad blood between the two, why he had to pull out of their original fight, a rematch with Joe Lauzon, and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here:www.youtube.com – Check us out on Facebook (Facebook.com/MMAFighting) and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting www.mmafighting.com

25 comments on “UFC 155: Jamie Varner ‘I’m Better Than Joe [Lauzon]’”

  1. cybertiger19 says:

    mnmn lauzon is better

  2. buriedvoid says:

    He’s good. Not better then Lauzon.

  3. Daniel Malta says:

    Varner vs. Miller would be SICK!!!!!

  4. dimplex says:

    cant wait to see Varner fight again…the dude always throws down!

  5. gatorrrrrrrrr says:

    @ninjajesus81 It’s called a Pentadactyle limb. Which is present in whales, bats, cats/dogs and us for example. All with different functions as they are structures of divergent evolution. Each digit of the limb is the finger and the limb itself is the hand that composed them. I don’t like to jump into to combos except to prove morons wrong so there ya go.

  6. gatorrrrrrrrr says:

    @rory12349 yeah they are. Bernard Hopkins (Boxer) would bet in himself all the time. Even Dana White can bet on fights. It’s when refs, judges, or anyone in the athletic commission that can alter the outcome of the fight that its illegal.

  7. tank abbott says:

    does anyone else think varner looks like a small phil baroni

  8. ninjajesus81 says:

    I’ll shit directly into your mouth you bitch.

  9. thommelorus says:

    go back to 4chan you faggot neckbeard.

  10. andysepul1 says:

    I think Varner is a real good fighter. I don’t know what things go on in his life, but they say some of the fights he lost he should have never lose, and some believe because he wasn’t mentaly there at the time of those fights. I think he has the potential in being a very successful UFC Champ. Just my opinion though

  11. ninjajesus81 says:

    So you just proved my point, you dumb fucking nigger. Eat shit and die, you worthless cunt. I win, get the fuck off my internet, nigger.

  12. thommelorus says:

    a wrist is part of your arm too, a rib is part of your torso, your nose is part of your skull. Get my point? Stop posting. You’re so fucking stupid it makes the human race looks bad.

  13. DaShiningPrince7 says:

    I like Varner, he’s a good fighter. When Varner has his conditioning and mental stuff together he’s a beast. Hope 2013 is a good year for him. Melvin, needs to go back to Greg Jackson’s camp, seriously.

  14. rbk915 says:

    30 - 27 guillard LMAO… guillard’s mom was judging it

  15. ninjajesus81 says:

    Thumbs are part of hands. If you break your thumb, that means you broke part of your hand. You didn’t break your entire hand, so are you arguing that to break your hand, you have to break the entire thing?

  16. Trolls4daLols says:

    This* English* retard.* Who* here,* you nerdy*

  17. Calogerus Trebatius Testa says:

    Varner is getting way to many pats on the back, meanwhile Dana doesn’t know if Guillard’s getting cut or not, the whole situation is strange

  18. thommelorus says:

    hand =/= thumb you complete fucking retard.

  19. ninjajesus81 says:

    Well since you don’t know the thumb is part of your hand, then you need to be told too.

  20. Cryttan says:

    Joe finished Varner and Guillard, how does he think he is better. Stupid.

  21. Cryttan says:

    You my friend, are retarded.

  22. ninjajesus81 says:

    “I’m pretty sure I broke my thumb”

    “I’m just glad I didn’t break my hand”

    Can someone tell this guy that your thumb is part of your hand?

  23. KONG00000001 says:

    A dont see why everyone is shit talking about varner just because he said ‘ i think am better than joe’! loads of fighters who have lost to an oponent will say a would like a rematch because a no am better than that guy or a can perform better than what a did, it happens all the time. If your a fighter and you dont believe you can be the best and that you can improve and beat everyone in your division then your in the wrong job! Its all part of competition, lauzon would say the same thing!

  24. Dan Hartmann says:

    This guy is a joke. Lauzon not only submitted you he did it in such a way you should be embarrassed that you opened your mouth about it. Go back and watch that triangle and learn.

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