UFC 155: Yushin Okami Wants Top Fighter Next

Yushin Okami talks about improvements made by Alan Belcher since their last fight, quick stand-ups by the referee, a story involving Chael Sonnen’s mom, and more with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here:www.youtube.com – Check us out on Facebook (Facebook.com/MMAFighting) and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting www.mmafighting.com

25 comments on “UFC 155: Yushin Okami Wants Top Fighter Next”

  1. crustiefarmer3232 says:

    man, i was pretty dissapointed in blechers preformance i was starting to think he was a top contender, and i had heard before he is supposedly one of the strongest guys in the ufc, i mean after manhandling rousamor

  2. raggedycjb777 says:

    boring fighter

  3. tfwBeta says:

    Great guy

  4. Brendan Aziz says:

    yushin okami yushin okami thank you

  5. cocoabiscuits says:

    I agree he is a boring fighter. If he wants a “top fighter” next I don’t see that going so well for him.

  6. Edin55156236 says:

    such a nice dude…

  7. rbk915 says:

    okami trains in usa and doesnt know english??

  8. jeremyshambles says:

    agreed, i think the only thing that will stop this disgraceful behaviour is yellow cards and proper refs.

  9. Yuspliff says:

    sucks to be beaten by the same guy twice and it the same fashion…belcher needs to rethink his strategy

  10. rollexx says:

    hilarious okami story told by chael /watch?v=RIiTKNok7xA

    thumbs up so ppl hear it

  11. 84coleR says:

    Okami one of the most boring fighters in the ufc

  12. MrFrankTheRabbit says:

    You don’t deserve a top fighter after that boring performance. I can’t wait to see you get knocked out.

  13. LimerickR266 says:

    belcher v munoz makes sense next

  14. C.P. O'Donnell says:

    He may have won, but I would barely call that fighting, he drags you to the ground and then lays around on top of you. At one point he had full mount and he was throwing the weakest, laziest punches I’ve ever seen, It’s fucking ridiculous… You shouldn’t be able to win a fight like that…

  15. mabsucksshit says:

    death to boring fighters.

  16. punishbeer says:

    lame fight! Okami did Jack damage from top.

  17. ehors123 says:

    Chael’s Mom can blow away all the UFC middle weight fighters with her shot gun including Anderson Silva!!

  18. ehors123 says:

    He wasn’t just holding. He WAS trying to pass guard. At one point, the ref stood them up when Okami was clearly in the process of passing guard which was ridiculous. You gotta give credit to Belcher for good defense on the ground. At the end of the fight, Okami did actually get a mount and was about to drop some bombs when the time run out. That shows the that he was trying to be offensive.

  19. gunndull7 says:

    Yeah holding, I respect and like Okami but I would like to see him try and finish the fights. Belcher was active from the bottom. The referee helped belcher by standing up the fight because Okami was not trying to finish the fight.

  20. kostolac12 says:

    If Belcher really came to fight he would have done more off his back. Don’t blame Okami for holding belcher down you should be blaming Belcher for letting Okami hold him down. The referee helped Belcher by standing up the fight a few times and Belcher still couldn’t knock out Okami therefore its his own fault he lost.

  21. Proud Prince says:

    I don’t care what people say about Yushin, he’s still the THUNDAAAAH

  22. JonCollins008 says:

    chael tells yushin story at about a minute in… /watch?v=RIiTKNok7xA

  23. LETSGOBULLS8 says:

    a little boring yes, sucks not so much

  24. LETSGOBULLS8 says:

    belcher landed 1 punch on the stand up that shook him, other then that he didnt do nothing but get owned, a fighter cant complain about getting taken down and layed on if he cant defend or get back up on his own

  25. duvalinhn says:

    I’m glad Okami won. I didn’t like the way Belcher was looking past him and talking all this trash like he’s way past Okami’s level. There’s a little dose of humility for him. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if Belcher’s post-fight test comes back positive.

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