UFC 155’s Erik Perez On Win Over Byron Bloodworth, Lucha Libre Mask and Representing Mexico

MMA HEAT caught up with Erik Perez backstage after he defeated Byron Bloodworth. He talks about his win, being the 1st UFC fighter to wear a mask to the Octagon, what the lucha libre mask means to him, representing Mexican MMA and wanting a UFC card in Mexico for all of his friends and family to see. Karyn Bryant has been nominated 2012 MMA Journalist of the Year in the World MMA Awards. Please take a minute to vote for her: www.tinyurl.com – Thank you! Be sure to visit www.MMAHEAT.com for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook www.facebook.com * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: www.twitter.com * Follow Karyn on Twitter: www.twitter.com

18 comments on “UFC 155’s Erik Perez On Win Over Byron Bloodworth, Lucha Libre Mask and Representing Mexico”

  1. skilloverforce says:

    hes awesome. hope he makes it far in the ufc.

  2. WassabiYakunglee says:

    A seguir entrenando Goyito! a seguir triunfando y Viva México!

  3. jezusmatkojebca says:

    Nacho Libre hehe 🙂

  4. mig0824 says:

    Pinche goyito! Mi respeto, sigale hechando ganas. Eres un vato humilde

  5. luismoreno2585 says:

    Pinche Goyo mamon why you pretending dont speak fluent english, mamon. Im guessing is a stradegy of the UFC to target the hispanic fan base. But your fooling nobody with him or the mask.

  6. andrew ayala says:

    goyito! man this guy seems really cool and so humble he got a new fan right here.


    So humble 

  8. 6war3rior0 says:

    Dude Your the UFCs Rey Mysterio….I’m A Fan we Like it down here in Australia Mate

  9. doa1231000 says:

    man his ear is awful i know is a cauliflower ear

  10. Leon HNEINE says:

    yea but in UFC its illegal to compete with mask on.when DOs Cara’s Jr fought Cro cop it as in japan

  11. randomfrostname says:

    what a cool guy:)

  12. overtkill7 says:

    I gotta say Goyito made me a fan, he’s a really cool dude and super humble and likeable. Hope he does well, I would like to see him become champ one day, but its gonna be tough with Dominick at the top of the division.

  13. overtkill7 says:

    Same here, he’s a really cool and likeable guy. Made me a fan for sure.

  14. overtkill7 says:

    look for it in the UFC store, they were selling them at the MGM during UFC 155, but I’m sure they’re selling them at the UFC store online, if not, then probably soon.

  15. trevor stewart says:

    ibotts – anti-grav crafts in-flight & on the ground captured on Google:


  16. secret212000 says:

    “Lame!Faggot ass are you trolling for cock!”- debtbully3

    Look at your original comment you fool and tell me who’s trolling for cock. Oh wait, you deleted it…how convenient. What else do you got lil homo. lol

  17. secret212000 says:

    What? that doesn’t even make any sense. Do you even read what you type?

    Anyways, Perez didn’t wear this mask during the fight. Stupid perro.

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