9 comments on “UFC 156: Surprises at UFC 156”

  1. Gamesta200 says:

    Jones vs Silva

  2. spongermon says:

    Mma is homosexual like manti teo

  3. AlphaStrength says:

    Down goes Reem down goes Reem…haha

  4. Ben E says:

    Haha Rashad Evans sucks dick

  5. caressmywiener says:

    Pettis vs aldo oh man i think pettis might have what it takes cant wait for that awesome fight!!!!!

  6. bigaback says:

    Damn straight a night of surprises! Fitch got out Fitched, there was nothing sweet about Suga Rashad and Overeem gets KOes on the feet by a BJJ artist!

  7. Barry Stone says:

    Bigfoot will be next title hokder, BOOK IT!!!

  8. PhoenixIceable says:

    When do they give MMA LIve ?

  9. jkininji says:

    recars lol

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