UFC 157: Dan Henderson on Canceled Jones Fight, Epic Shogun War + Facing “The Dragon” Machida

MMA HEAT’s Karyn Bryant sits down with UFC 157’s Dan Henderson and hears what he has to say about his upcoming fight with Lyoto Machida. A former title holder in several organizations, Hendo also talks about the knee injury that made him pull out of a title fight with Jon Jones (which ultimately lead to the cancelation of UFC 151), his incredible five-round battle with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, his plans to continue fighting and much, much more. Be sure to visit ‪www.MMAHEAT.com‬ for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook ‪www.facebook.com * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: ‪www.twitter.com * Follow Karyn on Twitter: ‪www.twitter.com

22 comments on “UFC 157: Dan Henderson on Canceled Jones Fight, Epic Shogun War + Facing “The Dragon” Machida”

  1. wisestcrazyboy says:

    well the guy is cocky and got knocked out why bothering trying getting answers?!

  2. phenom71317 says:

    I see Hendo beating Machida Hendo has the best chin in all MMA has never been knocked out has fought the best has beaten the best his 42 years old still winning fights to me thats a true fighter Machida don’t have a chance sence is a 3 round fight Hendo probably gas out by second round but who needs stamina when you have heart like Hendo by 3 round Hendo is probably going to knocked out Machida thats a fact cause that’s the only way Hendo can beat Machida by a KO that’s a Fact war Hendo!!

  3. phenom71317 says:

    Shit! If I would of been 42 years old I would be cocky too knowing that I beat some of the greatest fighters of all time.

  4. shyobatare says:

    And get Hendo 50 year old man cum out of your mouth. It is making you sound dumb!

  5. zn23000 says:

    Henderson has the face and scars of a true warrior.

  6. PortStephensBoatShow says:

    I agree Brotherhood, definitely the best MMA Reporter. Hendo just looks so in control, his demeanour is great.

  7. 37robles says:

    First, Hendo is 42. second, who cares if he waited to tell them? He wanted to compete. That wouldn’t have affected Jones who had a full training camp, sonnen would’ve been the one that had to fight on short notice. get Jones dick out of your mouth.

  8. Kliffdiver says:

    I think he did enough talking before the fight.

  9. Kimberly Mejia says:

    that’s right, nobody can believe about this quickly. and i can tell u, my spouse is getting paid monthly for doing some surveys and browsing sites. its worth a try here: bit.ly\YPng1W

  10. orcanimal says:

    I would guess that Alistar doesn’t really want to give any interviews right now…

  11. Brotherhood618 says:

    best mma reporter HANDS DOWN

  12. shyobatare says:

    Your nut hugging is profound. The old man refuse to report his bum knee 2 weeks earlier and that action put the UFC and Jones in a tighter position. Get Hendo 45 year old man cum out of your mouth.

  13. udist100 says:

    wtf is mma heat. im watchin karyn bryant. i searched karyn bryant, not mma heat

  14. kl0dekariRR says:

    “I’m prepared for what he has…” Nobody is prepared for Lyoto…

  15. xizzo2000 says:

    i luv Dan’s mental game,old fucking school .


  16. signboyy says:

    rua’s constant brawling pressure preventing machida from having the space to execute his in and out striking style he is so effective with.

    hendo needs to have him on the ground, on the fence or within 1 foot at all times so that machida cannot dominate with his striking style which relies on having space and a stationary opponent not moving forward

  17. TheMadD0G says:

    My favorite MMA Journalist by far. And looking stunning as always.

  18. KillasLos says:

    look at hendos hands real steel hands gona land on machida kaaaboooom

  19. KillasLos says:

    great interviews and updates thanks alot! hendo should come guns a blazin vs machida gona be great fight

  20. jvoz613 says:

    i’d like to know this too, and rashad? did they just disappear? and i love your interviews! i also like how you are honest and dont try to stir things up

  21. IMTHETRUTHH says:

    you are in denial. He is 42 and TRT keeps him fighting in the cage. He is out of prime, and both of his belts were taken away when he came to the UFC. He is good and has accomplished alot in MMA, but there is no reason to be so cocky and disrespect Shogun like that.

  22. riseofazrael says:

    He’s 42 and has beaten some of the greatest MMA fighters to have ever competed. The fact that at his age he’s beating fighters a lot younger than him, combined with his resume, I don’t think it’s cockiness but more of a resonating pride in himself. He really has nothing to lose, he’s accomplished more in his career than many can match. I don’t think he’s acting cocky, Rashad back in the day was cocky.

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