UFC 157: Dan Henderson Would Like to See Stricter Drug Testing in MMA

Dan Henderson talks about his UFC 157 fight against Lyoto Machida, his long layoff, whether he would fight Chael Sonnen, Dana White change of tune on testosterone replacement therapy and stricter drug testing in MMA. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here: www.youtube.com – Check us out on Facebook (Facebook.com/MMAFighting) and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting www.mmafighting.com

25 comments on “UFC 157: Dan Henderson Would Like to See Stricter Drug Testing in MMA”

  1. shezeppi says:

    my boy? lol, strange thing to say. How do you know they were checked by the ufc during camp?

  2. signboyy says:

    machida 2
    hendo 1, 3

    the late takedown in round 1 doesnt make up for backing up the whole round with hendo pushing forward

    hendo was on machida a significant amount of time in round 3

    hendo won round 1 and 3 and therefore the fight

  3. signboyy says:

    yes he checks himself to make sure his levels are not going over the limit

    hendos levels were checked by the ufc multiple times during his camp for this fight with machida & he never went over his limits

    sonnen definately went over the levels for his first fight with anderson, but hendo just tries to fight father time and keep normal levels of a fighter in his 20’s

    & your boy bisping’s inability to see to block a head kick had nothing to do with belfort’s elevated testosterone levels

  4. Jashan Tangle says:

    You just don’t know. Say that you don’t know. Those whiteboys who join secret societies learn who were are and they are shocked. You need to join one of those craka secret societies so you can read those secret books and see what they say about us Blackfolks. Your fucking mouth will become wide the fuck open too ya dumb ass craka.

  5. karetekid92 says:

    You’re a disgrace to your people with your racist views. You actually think skin colour makes someone different than you? You racist piece of shit!

  6. karetekid92 says:

    I don’t think he deserves a title shot after a horrible performance like that. How did he win on points though, when aggression and effective octagon control are criteria judged? And Henderson landed a lot of leg kicks. Should have been a draw since neither tried to finish the fight. I think UFC would be better if a fights always ended a draw when no one gets finished. I can see it would lead to problems though especially in lighter weights.

  7. ClutchClick says:

    You can’t even spell his name correctly….. Training for a race war? You’re a racist piece of trash gtfo.

  8. gobSIDES says:

    Maybe but Rashad seemed really down on MMA in the post fight of the Nog’ fight.

    I really think Rashad needs to try to get his motivation back before stepping back in the cage, especially against someone as risky as Dan.

    I would love to see Hendo v Glover if he wasn’t fighting Bader, or maybe
    Mr Wonderful to see if he can cut it with top comp’ like Dan.

  9. joel2ksweet says:

    im sure lyoto is crying himself to sleep over losing you as a fan

  10. joel2ksweet says:

    you speak 3 dead languages and you’re a fucking racist…..well done

  11. coachrollieworkouts says:

    Cool Video.

  12. Sour Grapes says:


  13. michael watkins says:

    Areil hawanii is a fucking douche

  14. xPromarkx says:

    machida 1, 2, & 3

  15. ed hanes says:

    first they need to stop acting like they were raised from a cage ,oh no they were ,cause thier families were all animals who raised them up in cages wow!

  16. SourDHKush says:

    TRT, no wonder he was a beast.

  17. 21asoke says:

    Dan loves testosterone. Most guys shooting in his face but also needles in his ass.

  18. NikevsJordansxD says:

    Dan Henderson vs Reshad Evans !!! 

  19. Jashan Tangle says:

    I speak 3 ancient African languages thousands upon thousands of years older than you white devils been on this fucking planet. The fuck I care about speaking, spelling, writing that fucking hybrid ass neanderthal bullshit language properly.

  20. lickmetender says:

    god machida fought like i did back in elementary when i was scared of the bullly. running back constantly kicking like a pansy from the outside.

    no longer a dragon fan, nice try dan

  21. markviman says:

    “I’m ready for they ass.” You should get ready for possessive adjectives and check out the american anthropological association’s position on race

  22. 6219843 says:

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  23. Sour Grapes says:

    i hope hendo win’s but as we all know anything can happen!

  24. Zelterman says:

    Damn Nigga, you down right stupid! A “race war” really? No wonder black people are like magnets to crime. lol

  25. iMixMaSteR1 says:

    an ignorant knicks fan who would of thought

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