24 comments on “UFC 157: Ronda Rousey Talks Defending the Title”

  1. MajiqueCole says:

    I won’t argue that. LOL @ me having hate for women, because I don’t take women’s sports seriously. You and ‘TheChucky’ are morons. I bet you two share the same closet…How about both of you two feminine pussies come out of it together. lol

  2. grahamhg says:

    No more of a gimmick than olympic judo or wrestling. You have some real hate for women.

  3. MajiqueCole says:

    Hate women? Are you a fucking asshole? Just because I don’t see women’s sports as legitimate sports doesn’t mean I hate women. That’s like saying, “Well, since you don’t think like Volkswagons, you hate cars”, you fucking moron. How the fuck does not being able to take women’s sports stem from rejection, you fucking idiot? I am nowhere near fat, shit for brains. You sound like an ignorant dickhead that is just reaching, because you are defeated. STFU and come out of the closet, faggot.

  4. TheChucky4664 says:

    Dude, you need to get laid. Stop watching the rape fantasy porn and make a contribution to your country.

  5. MajiqueCole says:

    What fucking point did I prove, you feminist?

  6. TheChucky4664 says:

    Thanks for proving my point.

  7. MajiqueCole says:

    So, what the fuck is your point? I can tell you aren’t an airplane engineer. To compare her to an average male is ridiculous and it’s sets a low expectation. I mean, for that matter, against an untrained male, Danica Patrick can race better, but what the fuck does that prove? As a sport, this is asinine and it’s a gimmick.

  8. grahamhg says:

    See this is why I can tell you are not a martial artist. If you were you’d be more appreciative of technique than ‘who’s the biggest and baddest.’ Anyway against the average untrained man she’d probably wipe the floor with them (actually I know as i’ve rolled with a female olympic judoka) against equivalent men in mma or judo of course not. But her technique is as good.

  9. MajiqueCole says:

    Is that before of after, she gets on her knees and sucks my dick, pussy lips?

  10. MajiqueCole says:

    LOL @ the male feminist. Let me tell you what happens to pussies like you:
    You end up coming out of the closet one day and everybody persecutes and bashes you for it. Then you hang yourself. After that, people check your internet connections and realized that you were bullied. They put a video of you crying out for help, in your last couple days of life, and a movement starts on your behalf. After about 6 months, ppl stop giving a fuck, and you become another faggot that committed suicide.

  11. MajiqueCole says:

    Let’s see what happens when they get into a grapple game with men.

  12. grahamhg says:

    Tut tut. Ok women don’t have mens strength but they can be very technical (and flexible) grapplers. The women’s game is a really grappling game IMO, I hope more high level female grapplers come in over the next few years.

  13. TheChucky4664 says:

    Someone has major woman issues, i’m guessing you have faced a lot of rejection in your life. As someone who’s brother works in criminal profiling I know a lot about people like you. Allow me to tell you what happens: You end up murdering woman because you can’t face the rejection that you have received over the years.

  14. yungandthuggin1 says:

    She so sexy !

  15. candyDREAMER says:

    It was a tricky situation, not a tough situation. If Rhonda did not have a Judo background then maybe tough would be accurate. You don’t want to be on the back of a judo expert, that was very risky.

  16. Gamesta200 says:

    I would eat her out.

  17. SkemeKOS says:

    She called Cyborg out, you fool! Cyborg would suck without steds.
    Rousey is all natural and talent.

  18. SkemeKOS says:

    Exactly, my friend.
    Just yesterday we saw Bob the hamster rule this world we live in…but now?

  19. marioni bruno says:

    JEsus loves you! yes you! these times were living may seem hard but these are Gods times not the worlds time!

  20. nickfulea says:

    @majiquecole shut up bitch. She would brake your arm you fucking pussy

  21. MajiqueCole says:

    How about we throw her ass in the ring with a men’s UFC fighter and see how she fairs? Women’s sports are nothing more than statements of equality, not mean to be taken seriously.

  22. RockwellSudoxe305 says:

    Happy for her, she has skills…

  23. Jarrod s says:

    Ronda would beat her. She sucks without her roids. Thats why she avoids fighting in the ufc.

  24. Jarrod s says:

    why the hate? Shes so good

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