24 comments on “UFC 157: Watch the Replay”

  1. bobbydazzler1982 says:

    Get fucked wit that shit, show the real highlights

  2. mezzaniner says:

    Ronda, Faber, Machida, too predictable

  3. reaperfreaker says:

    ronda is fit as fook !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 2mekebust says:

    The whole card was boring

  5. legenwaitforitdary75 says:

    That fight was so funny

  6. RelapseKev says:

    it was boring, like a game of chess for 3 rounds.

  7. Bree rizz says:

    i didnt catchthe fight ! how was there fight ?

  8. stugats77 says:

    Tra Telligman vs bigfoot silva make it happen dana

  9. knossis1 says:

    Same here, that’s my hobby as well. I’m in the process of writing a book regarding some of my research. I believe the biggest crutch to people is the fact that they don’t know their cosmology origins, that they are pretty much Stars made flesh. They focus on such mundane things, like race, nationality, money, status and power. When knowledge of self and how we connect with everything around us should be the supreme goal of every man woman and child.

  10. brockheinz says:

    Alistair Overeem.

  11. brockheinz says:

    Its a general consensus that this ppv was a good one.

  12. ganjaman96795 says:

    Yeah lawler

  13. ganjaman96795 says:

    Haha well said 40glock

  14. RelapseKev says:

    surprised they could even add a highlight to the hendo+ machida fight…

  15. The40Glock1 says:

    All you fags talkin shit on fineass rousy need to shut the fuck up..just because shes going with plan A to finish why expose more game wen they cant even stop her on that plus you wouldn’t say that shit to her face shed fuck ur shit up then for the fuck of it armbar u too..

  16. epacheco152 says:


  17. angel dejesus says:

    I really don’t care what you have to say fuck off

  18. MrEmperor79 says:

    How is that disrespectful? It’s a FACT, not disrespecting. Did she not finish every fight of hers in the same way? Yes, she did.

  19. YSKite says:

    Why is a dude fighting Rhonda?

  20. Y2p731 says:

    Ronda by Ronbar.

  21. rockstarzee19 says:


  22. Matt Timken says:

    i missed it….im so pissed

  23. AshRothPhan says:

    girls in trunks instead of tights look like dikes

  24. Kkhrystina says:

    Ronda man she’s a boss

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