25 comments on “UFC 159: Chael Sonnen Says if This Will Be His Last Fight”

  1. Yourebuying says:

    I love the fact that he’s a troll. He’s a character and MMA needs guys like that to liven it up.

  2. Yourebuying says:

    The guy made a shit ton of money to basically promote the fight. In fact he’s always been a fairly high paid athlete with the UFC.

    He made a good financial decision.

    Would you take a beating for 10 million?

  3. Yourebuying says:

    I fucking love Chael Sonnen.

  4. revpitty001 says:

    The only thing that beat jones tonight was the canvas chael should have keep his atse and middle weight,his done and will most proberly never be a world champion,if shit talking was and olympic sport,this guy is a gold medal contender

  5. DesertEaglextx says:

    No one can beat Jones. He is mutated. He has a reach that can probably only be matched by Stefan Struve. He is pretty much a heavyweight fighter. I hope he moves to heavyweight and fights people his own size.
    And yes, I totally agree that Sonnen should fight Silva again. He is probably the only guy who can beat him. And Middleweight is where he belongs, or Welterweight. Since the first Anderson Silva – Chael Sonnen, I have wanted to see a Chael Sonnen vs George St. Pierre fight.

  6. DesertEaglextx says:

    Roy with an awesome first round KO

  7. Mondine Eleni says:

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  8. brad diamantopoulos says:

    man i feel for chael i didn’t expect him to win. but i thought he would put up more of a fight

  9. 84skysthelimit says:

    PAYPERVIEW! PAYPERVIEW! PAYPERVIEW! Did he mention payperview? Got the plug in. “I just spit on you”, “it’s an honor” lol fucked up…

  10. Macjdj6305 says:

    where Jones toe lol

  11. Damon Dee says:

    Chael got his ass whopped again maybe he can challenge GSP next.

  12. boxingisthebestfool says:

    So you happy you spent 50 dollars?

  13. Maafa1619 says:

    Is this part of the everybody beats Chael Sonnen’s ass tour?

  14. Aaron Ewing says:

    You mean Jones vs Cain!

  15. GorillaUnitSoldier says:

    I love it how some of you on here are talking shit about Chael Sonnen or any other fighters. Why don’t you get into the octagon and see how easy it is?

  16. CHRIS B. says:


  17. Scott Brown says:

    Except he got fucking dominated.

  18. Bobby Clerici says:

    Right, what I thought might happen happened…lol
    Oh well; that’s MMA.
    On paper this was a mismatch, but Chael had a way of making us believe he might have some chance.
    Anyway, I called this one right but was hoping for a better bout. This was Chael’s final hurrah. It’s time for the “American Gangster” to retire and assume his position in the UFC doing…whatever.
    As for Jon, I rate him best pound for pound.
    Anderson is 38 and on the way out, so I wish JJ a long, successful reign as champ.

  19. Chris morris says:

    goodbye chael, I told you cock sucking sonnen fans he would lose. and it was the first round. way to go dana white you fuckin suck

  20. ngolimit2 says:

    Cain vs Chael next!

  21. Odyssee229 says:

    Thumb up, If you want Chael to start spitting and by the same way ‘honoring’ Ariel Helwani at each and every interview !!

  22. belarusboy100 says:

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  23. hoagiesupreme says:

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  24. azizbek amanbaev says:

    Chael’s head is a one big muscle!

  25. Chak V says:

    Chael doesn’t come up as scared but you can tell that he is just swallowing the real results of his trash talking. The shit is about to get done. He’ll make a lot of money so he wins no matter what. Anything can happen.

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