24 comments on “UFC 162: Anderson Silva Talks Chris Weidman, New Deal and More”

  1. STFUppercut69 says:

    Who, Chuck Norris?

  2. STFUppercut69 says:

    Finally you realized.

  3. MikeyKnox1 says:

    Lol at this point I almost feel like he’s doing an impression of pouya rebek doing on impression of him

  4. MrLargeForce says:

    good point

  5. jaxsnipe1 says:

    It’s hilarious when he puts his arm around him at the end lol

  6. Oxxorus says:


  7. Xibfwb C says:

    It’s funny how Anderson silva always get match up w a wrestler. This dude had made a living killing grapplers. Dana white needs to Match him up w a stand up fighter. I mean a good stand up fighter. Cung Le in his prime would have beat Anderson silva.

  8. Oxxorus says:


  9. ma yapi says:

    “I don’t practice MMA. I practice martial arts”
    Wise words brother.

  10. normalpsychology says:

    I fucking love Anderson Silva. Helwani deserves this interview.

  11. Bula says:

    Nice guy…best ever

  12. djopulence says:

    he smiles like Michael Jackson.

  13. Joseph Pasillas says:

    I really wants him to ask him how is he going to embarrass weidman!!

  14. DevildogDevilDog says:

    Anderson is the most boring interviewee ever yet the best fighter in the world.

  15. drumtravelfun says:

    Holy fuck Ariel has gotten pathetic…Ryo? Really?

  16. cristowwal39 says:

    Great guy,

  17. Tupacstole Mybike says:

    Anderson doesn’t even look nervous.

  18. Ricky Robbie says:

    MMA in the UFC this is the sport

  19. izzy gucci says:

    Such a humble champ. True martial artist + warrior spirit…etc etc

  20. Che Campbell says:

    This is the type of interview that makes me want silva to win

  21. Kevin Fuller says:

    Anderson Silva remains UFC MW Champion after UFC 162.

  22. Born2Punch says:

    LOL why not floyd mayweather? 147 lber vs a 185er? Yeah OK Ariel.

  23. FightFanHoward1144 says:

    Everybody Helax

  24. REXZBEAT75 says:

    dang i like Ariel but he is an instigator

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