24 comments on “UFC 162: Anderson Silva Workout Highlights”

  1. RipleyTheAlienSlayer says:

    Tomorrow Weidman will wake up in the hospital with a sore ass and face

  2. axel stoner says:

    And still

  3. Officialfilthyrabbit says:

    I didn’t know silva sparred with huge dildos 😮

  4. Chuck Giles says:

    yes…i noticed the samething!

  5. Devilsolution says:

    2:31 Nice photo!

  6. ChikaChika Yeah says:

    2:16 Anderson The Best ! 🙂

  7. Likegyldig76 says:

    im sure he can afford a new one if it breaks 😉

  8. Jonathan Glifberg says:


  9. JLPuffums says:

    Jon Jones

  10. dongangster86 says:

    crapy annoying adverts

  11. ulfderulfte says:

    PLEASE LISTEN: DO NOT, I repeat, NOT try that trick with your iPad 🙁

  12. king bibibear says:

    I only have one thing to say, in the past ALOT of ppl shrugged off a lil Asian man named “Bruce lee” & because of racism Alot of ppl couldn’t appreciate that man while he was alive….i just hope that everyone appreciates Anderson before he retires & before he loses his mojo due to age…..its a beautiful thing my ppl

  13. MrPhukYu says:

    Wow… you’re a very pathetic person. People like you don’t deserve to be born.

  14. Shogun Skilling says:

    cool video

  15. Maiathizz says:

    This is a natural enviornment for Silva, he is enjoying it.

  16. Ma... says:

    hahahaha (y)

  17. Doctor Seuss says:

    Asking for mma fighters to fight boxers is a stupid proposal. Let’s have hockey players fight Anderson, too.

  18. warmaker911 says:

    Dude, scientists are fucking retarded. Steven Seagal taught the Big Bang how to bang.

  19. João Pedro says:

    Oh right, because Seagal invented everything

  20. c0nfidentl0ser says:

    love the playful music. complements Silva’s style real well i think

  21. MrNriapia says:


  22. ericyabadabadoo says:

    i broke the replay button haha nice song and editing

  23. warmaker911 says:

    Wrong. It’s called the Steven Seagal lock.

  24. N0vahkiin46 says:

    Anderson Silva may be on the wrong side of 30, but the physicality of a fighter isn’t like the average human being, and a champion like Anderson Silva isn’t like your average fighter.

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