15 comments on “UFC 162: Chris Leben’s training blog at Alliance MMA”

  1. dontkilltomebro333 says:

    hahahahaha funny fucker man

  2. giovanni devera says:

    Awesome! Glad to see leben training there!

  3. Fatal Tito says:

    You my friend are an idiot!

  4. James Sale says:

    Some absolute dumb-asses on here. Either way, Leben is looking good and strong. Can’t wait for his fight!

  5. ThyChrysanthemum says:

    I’m glad you’re in Sam Diego now, chris 🙂

  6. 123UncleRuckus says:

    He has certainly seen better days.

  7. None Of Ur Bnizz says:

    You are garbage for replying to my comment.

  8. chowdownfood says:

    lol we got a badass over here…

  9. Mittie Zahney says:

    He’s a punk at 185 u gotta be a heavyweight to consider ur self a man

  10. mattitudev1hardy says:


  11. Cody CORDELL says:

    Chris is one tough dude.

  12. dontkilltomebro333 says:

    fuck off!..if his cardio was abit better and hand speed he would be a lot better though to be fair..atleast hes a real fighter unlike a lot of the ufc fighters these days..running n shit.

  13. None Of Ur Bnizz says:

    Chris is garbage.

  14. simon driessen says:

    love you Chris

  15. IHACKER316 says:

    awesome video WAR CRIPPLER

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