25 comments on “UFC 162: Chris Weidman Has Scary Encounter With Anderson Silva Fan”

  1. hostess635 says:

    Chris wideman is my new alltime favorite ufc fighter

  2. AndersonSpiderSilva5 says:

    so what

  3. Ajmal Khan says:

    Weidman you’ll have a very scary encouter with Anderson Silva Tonight!

  4. SlayerPayback says:

    Ariel is still working? Lol

  5. potoker9 says:

    i feel like this is doug smiths kid hahah.. the guy they based the goon movie on.

  6. alexeycardo says:

    7:07 is the best))) love those Ultimate Fighting Cartoons

  7. tinabeenegreira says:

    M MA

  8. MadoremReturns says:

    Ariel ain’t the best reporter, but we love him still.

  9. mruelas80 says:

    Ariel need to stay away from starting drama. Just interview the fighters.

  10. TardRepellent says:

    you kissed a man

  11. TardRepellent says:

    I didn’t even ask a question and I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. are you telling me brazil and russia aren’t worth remembering? i’m so confused. I get this feeling you’re american.

  12. haterssgonnaahate says:

    But It just seem so odd that somebody doesn’t know where spain is. I’m not talking about uneducated people. Probably is because they just don’t care as you suggest. But I can’t give up so easily on humanity agreeing with such a statement that 90% of humans don’t know where spain or arabia or nz are. It is pure chauvinism and it’s really sad that somebody thinks so high about himself. Respect your pov though.

  13. MrIllmyrin says:

    This dude needs to get fired. He’s not even good at creating drama so who choose him to do that job?

  14. jrath69 says:

    the ufc created this bs to sell the fight but anderson silva is gonna walk thru him…duh u saw it here 1st

  15. AndersonSpiderSilva5 says:

    just watch lol

  16. duderemag says:

    don’t grit your teeth and walk forward that’s what chris leben did!

  17. FightFan180 says:

    Ariel is a lil prick.

  18. Fazal Mayar says:

    with what he said in this interview he does have a shot at silva, so professional. We all know beating silva looks impossible but i havent seen anyone so far that fought silva with an attitude like that.

  19. harr77 says:

    Why no more Ricks picks Ariel?

  20. QueefJuiceOverflow says:

    Hes in the hospital.

  21. Isaac Salinas says:

    Wait, why can’t Matt Serra go to the fight?

  22. Jacob T says:

    Trust me, I think most of us know where Spain, New Zealand, Brazil, etc. are on a map. Sadly, a lot of Americans probably don’t. Many of us are products of our ego-driven, self-entitled culture.

  23. born2fi8 says:

    Are you serious how he can be happy?He knows that he is going to get his A*s kicked by Anderson Silva.How can he even smile for this.

  24. tr75out says:

    i know who it is. my point was regarding the way he conducted the interview. he was being a childish asshole

  25. Fenristripplex says:

    Ariel can be kind of a dick sometimes.

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