24 comments on “UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman Pre-Fight Conference Call (LIVE! 11am PT / complete + unedited)”

  1. renzokata says:

    I’m confident Silva will take this. 

  2. BlackDynomight says:

    they should phone Diaz on every conference call.

  3. Geovany Gonzalez says:

    Win or loss Anderson silva all the way .!!

  4. ali reza says:

    silva will win in 2 round

  5. OmnipotentUnion says:

    Chris Weidman is too young, too good, and too strong for Anderson Silva at any point in Silva’s career never mind now! Anderson is one of the greats, but his time is up.

  6. Angel Martinez says:

    Fuk chris weidman they always say hes gna beat anderson n wat happens he walks out champ n make an excuse for that loss they say the same thing tje next figgt n it never happens

  7. beamerball4420 says:

    If weidman beats him i swear im going to shit my pants

  8. ALCAJOLIC says:

    i agree Weidman is no match, everyone is hyping him up to make the fight seem exciting, but Weidman is gonna lose for sure

  9. Jay Dre says:


  10. Aongie says:

    I never understand why Franklin McNeal gets so much hate. He always asks good questions and is very respectful…Gareth A Davies on the other hand is a class A cocksucker, and he deserves every bit of hate he gets.

  11. thysaeed says:


  12. yuske05 says:

    that was pretty boring. im off to find out what the hell’s happening in Brazil

  13. bauermode says:

    I think anderson feels sorry for weidman…he knows weidman has got this shot too early and is now sacrificial lamb or patsie for ppv

  14. JLPuffums says:

    Jealousy breeds anger.

  15. JLPuffums says:

    You really do need to read a book. You might very well have a slight retardation problem. Mexico wasn’t exactly hit with the same influx of African slaves that Brazil was. That being said, they are just labels society has thrown out there.

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, seeing how you’re somewhat retarded, but people don’t typically match up to the crayons that you’re no doubt holding in your hands right now.

  16. yuske05 says:

    what is this fascination with finding people to beat Jon?

  17. JLPuffums says:

    That reach + wrestling too strong yo!

  18. Manny Reinoso says:

    Weidman is actually a purple belt but he tapped out more than a few black belts at Abu Dhabi tourneys. Weidman is a gifted grappler and trains with the best of the best jiu-jitsu guys.

  19. Majid Hussain says:

    google ‘Two days with Nick Diaz’s WAR MMA’

  20. jdouglasusn says:

    Brazilian is a nationality, not a race. Anderson is black (race) and he is Brazilian (nationality). Jon jones is black (race) and from the United States (nationality). There is also a huge difference between Cain “brown” and Anderson “brown.” You’re just arguing semantics at this point.

  21. jdouglasusn says:

    someone is unemployed…..

  22. Jerry Rips says:

    belts dont matter dawg

  23. jdouglasusn says:

    Belts have nothing to do with it. Silva has showcased enough to get nay sayers to believe his BJJ is very effective. I have seen the lower belts submit a much much higher ranking belt.

  24. Jose Garcia says:

    Anderson seems more relaxed than cris and I think that’s an advantage for the goat

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