23 comments on “UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman Weigh-ins + Staredowns (LIVE! 4pm PT)”

  1. valerafire says:

    silvaa got laid out!

  2. Joorge Moris says:

    He sacado 101, tu? -> goo.gl\vSdhE

  3. doubleliquidbear says:

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  5. Ginyuu5 says:

    Dana’s new friend Stephanie?

  6. karl hödemann says:

    chris weidman can suck my dick

  7. Ice Tray says:

    it’s silva you retard! how the fuck can you get a name wrong!

  8. Juk Sri says:

    The song fanboy is “ur mummy got smelly cunt” LMFAO

  9. wazzy3007 says:

    What song at 16:20…bad ass

  10. meng vue says:


  11. Ang KARMA says:


  12. MMA H.E.A.T. says:

    PLEASE NOTE: We’ve also uploaded the entire main card in HD. We’re sorry Silva/Weidman didn’t get included in our live stream, there were technical issues we couldn’t control.

  13. Navid Nilchian says:

    wow cuts off when silva vs. weidman are supposed to weigh in……..fucking stupid

  14. Abraham Washington says:

    skip to 20:40 to start at co-main event

  15. NightHawk0730 says:

    Staredown? more like a KissDown

  16. ryanestabrooke111 says:

    Frankie better kill um

  17. AndersonSilvaNo1 says:


  18. Abey Rivera says:

    Silvia’s gunna win.

  19. FilthyJFK209 says:

    oliveira is gonna look like a zombie

  20. Bryan A says:

    who is stephanie

  21. MrPRow007 says:

    DeathSquad! love all yall silly bitches

  22. floydyes says:


  23. IJustWhat says:

    all praise be to karen

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