25 comments on “UFC 162: Tim Boetsch Isn’t on Chris Weidman Bandwagon”

  1. kanenas PAOKARA says:

    PHILLIPOU is upcoming danger for everyone

  2. Kevin Anderson says:

    Let’s be honest – Boetch would have no chance against Silva. Let’s also be honest – Boetch got injured during the Phillipou fight that basically rendered him unable to see. I picked Phillipou to win and still believe Phillipou would have won regardless, but let’s not pretend that Boetch and Phillipou are in different leagues ability-wise.

  3. Yuspliff says:

    im not on the weidman hype… i mean a little but thats only because of the great promos the ufc is doing..but realistically i got silva winning TKO 1st or 2nd round

  4. Yuspliff says:

    he beat lombard? LOL lombard dropped him and took him down easily if he was more busy on the feet he would have gotten the decision.. all tim did was tap him and get points..pussy

  5. larry trujillo says:

    Munoz is way to nice , needs to get a Lil more mean to have a chance with this dude

  6. cocotiger77 says:

    He beat Lombard — don’t confuse your foolish wishes with facts moron.

  7. ForeverCalzonee says:

    Timmy is probably the most overrated fighter in MW history. He got schooled by Okami for two rounds until Okami had a brain fart and decided to let Boetsh punch him in the face. He lost to Lombard and got finished by Costa.

  8. mrco74 says:

    I’m the idiot and you can’t even get a joke, fucking sperg.

  9. signboyy says:

    sounds like helwani thinks munoz is going to lose and is trying to make excuses with the whole theory that getting back to fighting weight takes away from training

  10. signboyy says:

    i hope boetsch has been taking his supplements so that he doesnt get bones broke in this fight which causes his loss

  11. jeff pope says:

    well said

  12. Gabriel Ortiz says:

    Weidman’s biggest payday is tomorrow, that’s about it though. Another W for the Spider 😉

  13. skyhunter says:


  14. skyhunter says:


  15. Astrix321 says:

    i predict weidman vs silva is gonna be like chris leben vs silva

  16. madrileenboy says:

    Lol @ comments

  17. qbl22 says:

    He’s a fighter. What is he suppose to say? No I can’t beat Silva?

  18. ilandJIVE says:

    Munoz is back!

  19. blindbrad11 says:

    Boetsch will beat Munoz

  20. Mo Mussa says:

    shut the fuck up you shmuck 

  21. walterreally says:

    Jason Statham’s elder brother.

    Now start your rant. Now.

  22. charisma913 says:

    Silva couldn’t even handle chonan

  23. mdavis1992 says:

    he does it all the time, its gotten to the point where the majority of us just accept it, it’s funny when fighters roll their eyes like ahhh stop trying to make me say something

  24. Alex Kovalex says:

    I like Ariel interviews, but Ariel is master at instigating, in the press conference later on Ariel said that Boetch told him that he was concerned that Munoz wouldn’t be at his best, resulting from his big weight cut. The problem is that it was Ariel that brought the subject in this interview lol.

  25. Nick Diaz says:

    Cool guy

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