24 comments on “UFC 162 Weigh-Ins: Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman Kiss”

  1. aufjeden89 says:

    Thanks for this share!! this must have a try , And as of they are getting their details i will now do it too!

  2. StarGamingUniverse says:

    Well try this too !! Hopefully I get 1 of those T-shirts! hehehe freeufc162livestream.blogspot. com

  3. GushEnergy says:

    Already got mine tooo ! hahaha its so easy lol. hurry up guys to thos who still dont have their logindetails SITE if ur lucky with T-shirt!!

  4. General Krsto Zrnov Popović says:

    Get A Room You Two!

  5. rudiratte1 says:

    what in the fuck are you talking about

  6. lovedatyellowbootay says:

    Hey “truthhurts95” you talk real tough hiding behind a computer screen. I would love to see you run your mouth in front of a real live black man and see what happens to you. I promise you, it would not be good for you.

  7. Paulo Silva says:

    Already got mine tooo ! hahaha its so easy lol. hurry up guys to thos who still dont have their logindetails SITE if ur lucky with  T-shirt!!

  8. TheHackSmith1 says:

    Oppss! I also got mine ! SORRY guys ! slots are limited! 😛 ahha this saved my money !!

  9. koolmike79 says:

    Fcukin Dana White was laughing his ass off!!! he was probably thinking like “WTF are you guys doing?”

  10. 128venom says:

    Yupp that’s the guy I’m talking about. He is the best. He’s even better than Steven Seagal. Sensei Seagal is the world’s only undefeated fighter, he just doesn’t lose. I’ve seen him caught in a rear naked choke and getting punched in the stomach by 2 other guys at the same time. He flipped the guy over through a table and sent the other 2 guys flying through walls

  11. truthhurts95 says:

    If your going to be a racist,at lease be a smart one,But i forgot, making to the 2nd grade is the most education most rednecks receive.””WHITE POWER”” LOL””

  12. Jan Jaapsen says:

    I will watch it here ! 😛 i will just save my money on PPV.

  13. MrPuiulamiba says:

    you can’t say that after you lose… it’s like that story, “when the fox doesn’t get the grapes, she said the grapes are sour”, “i lost, but anyway, i didn’t want to fight anymore”. LOOSER!!! … That is called cognitive dissonance… 😀

  14. truthhurts95 says:

    HAHA”’ you hillbillies are so funny,now go back to trying to have sex with your sister.
    A toothless redneck with a gun, yeah that’s original lol”” trying to compensate for his tiny wee,wee.
    A another useless nigger,with no purpose in life.

  15. MrGamingNews1 says:

    This needs a try ! Yeah right nothings to spend on 🙂 smart way .freeufc162livestream.blogspot. com

  16. Dobre Catalina says:

    Oh !? Their blog is good. I read their Reason why they are limiting subscribers when the UFC162 goes LIVE.I appreciate the efforts Im in.

  17. truthhurts95 says:

    GSP didn’t want to fight anderson,cause gsp didn’t want to lose you retard.

  18. truthhurts95 says:

    You just proved my point,nigger”’.you hillbillies feel inferior,you have penis envy,p.s when your daughter is grown she is going to sleep with these same so called niggers lol”” and your grandchildren will be black haha”” now head back to your clan rally,you bootleg stone cold steve austin.

  19. lucas limak says:

    his father is gay

    Brasil <3

  20. sagitta262 says:

    Doesn’t matter. Silva doesn’t want to be champion anymore, he doesn’t really want to compete anymore, like he said he just wants to helax. He’s accomplished everything in mma he’s a legend and the goat. I respect his decision to pass the torch and now its time to move on…

  21. ingve1974 says:

    Anderson Silva is gay.

  22. Andrew Graham says:

    why can’t people understand that standing flatfooted, taunting and clowning were an ESSENTIAL part of anderson silva’s game? that’s how he WON so many fights, yes, he’s a good striker, but he is a better dodger, and you loved it when it worked, but every strategy has flaws and he got caught. He was not being cocky, he was doing what he does to win, and in this case it didn’t work.

  23. Brett Manus says:


  24. abn719253 says:

    I don’t think silva threw the fight I think he was being cocky and got knocked the fuck out…..but its koo with me he had his reign of terror but it gets boring seeing the same champ year after year…..now gsp just needs to lose

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