6 comments on “UFC 163 & Bellator 97 preview w/ Kid Nate & Eugene MMA Tete-A-Tete”

  1. Duarte Cavaco says:

    kid nate Eugene is a funny guy and hes stories are great but he dont see the fights,dont now the name of the fighters and his computer make noises all the time,for me is enough i dont see more tete-á-tete with Eugene,bring on luke thomas,ben fowlkes and other people who follow mma…

  2. James Lowson says:

    Nate’s spot on re Phil Davis being misused problem is light heavyweight is super thin

  3. bubbafreesnake says:

    My suggestion for Kid Nate’s sign off phrase is ‘bite me’. For example: “well that’s about it for the preview; bite me”.

  4. Jan Kavalír says:

    😀 fapfap sound

  5. MMANationDotCom says:

    Eugene is very sorry about the horrible noise his computer was making. It stops eventually.

  6. shonuffLA says:

    The audio ffs

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