9 comments on “UFC 165 in review MMA Tete-A-Tete w/ Dallas & Kid Nate”

  1. CaesarThaApeGod says:

    You need glasses, Gustafsson ate all types great strikes by Jones at the end of the 4th.

  2. Fletch Fowler says:

    The only huge payday for Cruz is while he’s champion, against Barao, with PPV point; let’s say he takes a non-title fight against Faber and his knee blows for good?

  3. juan twotree says:

    If Cruz strips himself he can guarantee himself atleast 2 fights. 1 warm up and 1 title shot. Cruz knows that beating Barao is not doable right now. Scenario 1: Cruz fight Renan and lose(most likely), whats left for him? He’ll have to climb the ladder all over again. Scenario 2: Cruz strips his title, get a pay day or 2 before fighting arguably best P4P fighter in UFC. More fights=more hype=more PPV sales=More Money=staying relevant in this sport after 2 yrs hiatus. Scenario 2 makes more sense.

  4. Dylan Mead says:

    Dallas, you were talking about a fighter getting drubbed for four and a half minutes and then landing one lucky punch… That’s exactly what happened in the 4th round in Jones-gus. Gus was absolutely landing at will in the fourth until he got hit with the elbow and yes, he was rocked by the elbow but he didn’t get dropped nor did he eat any more real heavy shots from Jones for the rest of the round. Gus should’ve won the fourth on the scorecards.

  5. MMANationDotCom says:

    Dallas here — you just said it yourself: “Yes, Cruz will most likely not be ready for a fighter of Barao’s caliber right off the bat.” He fights to win, and to protect his championship belt and legacy … not for “PPV points.”

  6. Fletch Fowler says:

    Why do MMA journalist keep suggesting that Cruz strip himself of the title so he can avoid fighting Barao?!?!?! UM HELLO, CRUZ GETS PPV POINTS FOR TITLE FIGHTS! Yes, Cruz will most likely not be ready for a fighter of Barao’s caliber right off the bat. However, it’s going to be a huge fight on god knows how big of a UFC card, and CRUZ WILL EARN PPV POINTS! Jesus, why is this not computing with the MMA “media?” If Cruz gives up the title, he could still lose and he wouldn’t get the huge payday.

  7. killpigfuker says:

    Dallas is from Mississippi. Don’t be ashamed of your roots Dallas, we can all hear from your accent you’re from the deep south.

  8. Nuno ribeiro says:

    More Dallas, less Robinson. Please!!

  9. MutantvillePlayers says:

    Glad to see Dallas back! Really missed his predictions leading into UFC 165.

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