24 comments on “UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson Pre-Fight Conference Call (LIVE! 2pm ET / complete + unedited)”

  1. thien tran says:

    hope gus can pull of the win!

  2. TheHooliganification says:

    Has nothing to do with color, Jones is a fucking douche bag, if he was white, id still hate his personality, and even if he wasnt champion and was ranked 30th, id still hate his personality and not be a fan..

  3. TheHooliganification says:

    shadd up

  4. dannyf kong says:

    Jones Good luck

  5. Jarrod s says:

    If jones was white, everyone would love him…

  6. hugo93637 says:

    Jon is a fake humble guy and a humble brag.He was awesome prior to getting the belt,similar to Ronda today.I used to love Jon but now the only thing I can enjoy is his fighting.

  7. angelvelasquez134081 says:

    Yescome to oregon oregon oregon

  8. angelvelasquez134081 says:

    Sonnen will beat both those noobs

  9. theanonymousnomad says:

    Most of the mma community was devastated when AS lost. Any mass racism you believe that you’re seeing is either the result of trolls, extreme exaggeration, or simply delusion. I don’t like Jones because he is a holier-than-thou hypocrite who admittedly used to snitch on people that smoked weed. In this call, without provocation, he attacks the striking ability of Gus in a bizarre attempt to statistically prove to himself and the media that he is better. Jon Jones is a very strange human being.

  10. lifeisforaseason says:

    I see through your racism.

  11. lifeisforaseason says:

    It’s a racist statement.
    I’m not surprised, MMA fans tend to be racist to the core.
    Look at the way they celebrated the fall of a legend in Anderson Silva.

  12. gizmofsu says:

    What if we think you’re both tools?

  13. lifeisforaseason says:

    How is Jones “arrogant”.
    Funny I did not hear you guys say anything when Weidman was actually saying arrogant things.
    The fan base of MMA is known be pretty racist towards Black fighters.
    Why do you think Chael’s race baiting tactics were successful.

  14. lifeisforaseason says:

    Jones will not be an idiot and give his belt away like Silva did.
    Funny you call Jones a “turd” and people thumbed up your comment but I don’t hear any criticism from you about Weidman who actually says arrogant things.
    You MMA fans are racist, no question about it and I’m sick of it

  15. Kevin Sanders says:

    I just read on Bleacher Report that Jon Jones knows hes unbeatable when will fighters learn that every one is a human being just look at Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman I love Jon Jones but anyone can be beat

  16. rbking305 says:

    Jon jones wants to be great people hate greatness cause it maks them feel small

  17. lifeisforaseason says:

    Why? How is Jones a tool?
    Man you MMA fans are so freaking bigoted and racist, it’s pathetic.
    Weidman said so many disrespectful things towards Silva before UFC 162 but I hardly heard any hate or criticism towards him, why? well because he is White.
    If a Black man is confident in his abilities and wins on a regular basis then all of a sudden he is a “tool”, “cocky”,”arrogant” etc

    But when a White guy like Weidman actually says arrogant things, then it’s OK, he’s just being confident.

  18. Spencer Steele says:

    jones isn`t really cocky anymore, hes just confidenr and relaxed which people nowadays consider cockyness. jones n barao

  19. Kenny Shaw says:

    I hope Gustafsson Chris Weidmens that turd.

  20. Harry Watts says:

    Thumbs up if you think jones is a fucking tool

  21. Roberth Jakobsson says:

    Gustavsson is a cool kid, hi will knock Jones in the first round.

  22. Omar Correa says:

    Jones is still my favorite fighter. Don’t find him cocky, just confident. Mir and Overeem, those guys are cocky.

  23. chazz lawrence says:

    Unedited !!?? Lolol ok

  24. Flame Thrower says:


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