25 comments on “UFC 165 Results: Jon Jones Edges Alexander Gustafsson in Classic Fight”

  1. John Redcorn says:

    he didn’t clearly win any round other than 5. the 2nd round was super close but I gave it to alex and jones was losing the 4th pretty clearly until the last 40 seconds or so.

  2. John Redcorn says:

    i thought it was weird that the judges scored jones so many rounds that centered around striking considering they usually favor boxing techniques over kicks but now apparently leg kicks are worth more than punches…make up ur damn minds.

  3. ryan fitzgibbons says:

    Beyond the shadow of a doubt??? The question is what fight were you watching, bottom line is Jon jones was out struck, had countless failed take downs and was way more damaged, hence being taken out in a stretcher …we all had to deal with Frankie Edgar and gray Maynard fight 3 times in a row, why the fuk would they not have a rematch of “the best light heavy weight match of all time??

  4. jvilla867 says:

    If you think round 4 was a 10 -8 round u need to quit watching mma

  5. GamingHigher says:

    round 4 was scored as a 10-8 round and it was… also jones clearly won rounds 2-4-5 .. i dunno what fight u were watching but Jones won without a shadow of a doubt

  6. Bradly Lewis says:

    That Elbow to the head changed EVERYTHING lol. However, Jon got the most significant strikes throughout the whole fight, anyhow. Amazing fight.

  7. JacksInn says:

    I think the elbow to the brain was a bigger problem than cardio. His cardio was amazing. He fucking stood for 5 rounds of brutality.

  8. Axel Villaseñor says:

    People are assuming that because it was a close fight, only Gus will improve in the rematch, thus all the “Gus will win” comments. I mean it’s not like Jones is just gonna lay over and let him take the belt. He didn’t beat Jones on Saturday night which was a huge opportunity. I don’t think Jones will be as vulnerable in the rematch.

  9. Dannynorw says:

    This guy should be banned from the panel of mma beat.. he sucks, always has, and in this video he shows how litle he knows about mma. and how bias he is…

  10. Dannynorw says:

    fucking dumbasses, i will stop watch your show if u keep judging and predicting so fucking BAD… jon jones was WOOOPED. admit it. Give gus hes credit fucking idiots.

  11. Dannynorw says:

    hahaha stop watching mma, you know nothing abouti t. gus won clearly

  12. Dannynorw says:

    shut up!! it was a fucking bulshit descision, just admit it.. all polls who vote who they think won, ALL favours GUS bug a large margine!!! your on the loosing side on this.. gus is a classy guy, he wont bash on jones.. he said himself he thought he won, and he did. he will probably get a instant rematch because of it, IDIOT

  13. Dannynorw says:

    and gud STILL did more in the fifth round while winded!! people are so fucing bias for jones. fuckign retards.. gus won this hands down! ! i was 95% sure that gus won before the announced it. and so did most ppl!! check the fucking voting polls.. ALL are for gus.

  14. Nick Dudemeister says:

    Why is this retard making excuses for jon jones? Nutt hugger.

  15. dtyler227 says:

    Dibit79 I sincerely hope you realize how fucking stupid your comment comes across. Saying people hate Jon jones because he’s black is absurd. People who always pull the race card sound so ignorant.

  16. Mephisto Steiner says:

    Are you kidding? I’m realy not someone who insults people but that is out of line! What the fuck does skincolour have to do with fighting skills? Nothing, Jones is an amazing fighter but Gustafsson just won this!!! All respect to both though!

  17. dibit79 says:

    we all know y ppl hate on jones, its because hes black in what started out to b a combat sport that white ppl can dominate, well sorry ppl hes the best and guess what? hes black, i love mma and the fighters white, black, or whatever but its obvious ppl are racists in their feelings towards jones, i havent heard one solid reason y ppl hate jones so much..” o hes arrogant” yet he speaks educated and always shows respect..”o hes too big for the weight class” yet no one says the same about gustafson

  18. Hrel88 says:

    Gus got robbed. I don’t understand how no one, but me apparently, expected Gus to win. He’s the better fighter, as he just showed. Have none of you ever watched Gus fight before? This was almost exactly what I expected to happen. Only thing I didn’t expect, Jones had no quit in him. Seems like he’s outgrowing Greg Jackson despite his presence. This is the guy who ran from a middleweight. It’s good to see him growing a pair.

  19. elpicolocopiripin says:


  20. Gabriel CV says:

    sorry, I can’t agree with you.

  21. Brick Bradford says:




  22. The Shogun says:

    Damn right! I think Jones will have a harder time correcting his game to Alex style while Gus mainley needs to work even more on his cardio. Alex also spends a lot more energy keeping up his footwork, pressure and takedown defence. 4-1 or a clear 3-2 win for Alex judging on 80% control of total fight time, significant strikes landing percentage, wrestling defence and damaged done. Jones even had to be carried out of the arena on a stretcher and into a ambulance. Alex da true LHW champion!

  23. Martin Johannesson says:

    But greg jackson was there! behind the fence, heard and saw him in every roundbreak!…….

  24. Kane Broughton says:

    wow jones fan boys are unreal

  25. Ronald Brown says:

    joao … you dont shit!! just cause you catch the leg doesnt mean its a take down! i wrestled for over 15 years and wouldnt habe been scored a two point take down

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