24 comments on “UFC 166 preview, Bellator pay-per-view discussion”

  1. gingerbreadboy says:

    Can’t imagine how craphe must feel drinking all that soda and coffee.

  2. Lsdfunk says:

    Water, coconut water, iced tea, juice, ANYTHING. Stay healthy, Luke!


    No but fans of football and even those die hard college football fans don’t go as far as to compare college football players and place them at the same level as NFL players. They make speculation and wonder how the player would fair at the Professional level. But they don’t outright compare those players and place them the same to the same level as professional players.

  4. 562Chato says:

    Skip intro 03:12

  5. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    I wasn’t trashing it at all, I like bellator, but while jose aldo is fighting heavy TOUGH competition, pat curran doesnt have the same level of competition, bellator is weaker than UFC in that realm easily, and football isn’t fighting

  6. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    haha no not really i do other things, it was mainly a joke, although he is boring, he’s also equally informative.

  7. pringles multi says:

    who wants to see grandpa and grandma fight?

  8. Konrad Jędrusiak says:

    About Rampage vs. Tito: “I’d rather go to the dentist than watch that main event” hahaha, Luke Thomas as always on top of his game!

  9. Joseph Gonzales says:

    I tweeted video to Dana White. Hopefully he will retweet and blow up your show.

  10. Joseph Gonzales says:

    Time on deck! Nice one devil.

  11. samjs721 says:

    bellator and the entire viacom family rubs me the wrong way. a bunch of sneaky snakes.

  12. Aay Jay says:

    Bellator would be much better if they just accepted the fact they are and always will be the farm leagues. Apparently Michael Chandler is the best lightweight in the world because he beat a bunch of nobodies, what a joke Rebney is. Viacom should start airing his interviews/thought on Comedy Central instead of Spike.

  13. Aay Jay says:

    How is making an accurate statement being a “bias hater”?

  14. MultiBlamm says:

    Great show again!!

  15. WHATmikal says:

    not sure why anyone would stare at the guys face while he talks about over an hour lol

  16. WHATmikal says:

    do you sit here watching him talk the whole time? Personally, I leave it play in the background while I do other things on the internet.

  17. WHATmikal says:

    So what? College football is weaker than NFL, do people go and trash it? No. Enjoy it for the sport, not the brand name,

  18. Darryl Macias says:

    Excellent show! First time viewer.

  19. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    ok soooo you’re not an English teacher?

  20. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    Luke you need to have a naked chick in the background or a monkey dancing, i can never stay awake the whole way through

  21. trevers mma says:

    hey look at my videos i show off my buddy gym its small and not every gym has a cage or a ring. if you think all gyms look like what jon jones trains in thats not the truth

  22. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    it’s just weaker than UFC

  23. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    loloh my goooood hahahahahahahaha

  24. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    Luke Thomas……You absolutely SUCK!!!

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