25 comments on “UFC 167 Dana White Post-Fight Scrum: GSP’s Win Over Hendricks, Chael at 205 lbs, Koscheck Retiring”

  1. Jimmy Nails says:

    i watched the fight again and to be honest it was a really close fight i
    mean i thought hendricks got robbed after the first time i watched it but
    watching it again gsp held his own i still think hendricks won but i can
    understand why the judges think gsp won honestly

  2. Wannes Koekelkoren says:

    Last time I watched UFC. I’m from Europe and I stayed up until 7.00am only
    to see the biggest rip-off in mma history. Johny got robbed, simple as
    that. And I agree with the damage statements, please take that more into
    account. It’s just beyond ridiculous. GSP is hospitalized for a week and
    Johny left the octagon without a scratch. But even without all of that,
    Johny still won 3 round very clearly!! And it isn’t GSP’s fault, the judges
    were the jokers. And Dana is a hypocrite, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he
    called the shots on the judging so he can collect the money for the
    rematch. Fucking bullshit, this made me very angry.

  3. ST8Funk! says:

    “Im confident that he’ll comeback otherwise I’ll act like that stupid lil’
    brat that I tend to be most of the time because it’s my way or the fucking
    highway” we get it Dana Douche!

  4. Santiago Garraselperrodo says:

    and new welterweight ufc fighter of the world Jhonny big rig Hendricks is a
    FACT copy and pastefuck the judges and fuck GSP and his tristar team fuck
    them all!

  5. liovarjo says:

    Koscheck is one tough son of a gun! He recovered from being in trouble
    early in the round. This is the first time he ever lost 3 fights in a row
    and the first he ever truly been KO’d. Thiago stoppage was early he was
    knocked down and with Lawler it was a TKO. i hope Kos gets at least 1 win
    before he retires and go fly his planes. lol. Props to Tyrone tho. He’s the
    first black guy to beat Koscheck. hahahaha.

  6. dannyzee4 says:

    GSP getting battered more over the course of the fight means nothing. It’s
    down to who won more rounds, and GSP took 3 rounds. Hendricks did a lot of
    damage but it was all in the 2 rounds he won (2nd and 4th rounds). If you
    have a problem with GSP winning then complain about the scoring system, but
    not about the individual fight verdict. This isn’t Pride FC where they
    scored fights as a whole.

  7. merci aye says:

    Quebec wants him GSP back to his french native roots and not with u, those
    damn fools. They’ll never learn… I am Canadian and Canadians rn’t saying
    much. Montreal Quebec’s another story…

  8. Kevin James says:

    Worst decision in the history of competitive sports!! The UFC is OBVIOUSLY
    rigged and all about the almighty dollar. Dana can sit there and act like
    he is disappointed at the judges and bla bla bla…stop the act you
    bald-headed cunt!! Johnny won hands down. Stop robbing great fighters to
    fill your pockets you bitch!

  9. Alex Ander says:

    Hendricks is a boss. He’s living proof that a long life of hard work and
    dedication pays off. GSP not only lost but got beat up. I think he might
    even have brain damage after this fight. He should retire.

  10. Luis Anunciação says:

    This guy is a completely looser, with no respect. Definitly, he’s not the
    example we want to see in Martial Arts. He doesn’t have any respect for
    Martial Arts and martial artists. He thinks he’s cool cause he talks from
    a “manager/bussiness” position, but if he walked someday throught a dojo,
    he didn’t learn anything. The first thing, in all interviews, is alert
    something like: “hi, guys, i don’t know how is tuff to train, how is wear a
    kimono (in japanese, gui), i even don’t know how to punch, but i’ll say
    anything i want just cause i’m think i’m the owner of the true”.

  11. Aaron Patterson says:

    hendricks 1-2-4

  12. KT TManaia says:

    When I saw the fight last night, the first round about 20 seconds in when
    GSP took Hendricks down he had Hendricks in a choke and right before he
    rolled up and let go Hendricks Tapped 3 times on GSP’s thigh and the ref
    could not see it but that was as soon as GSP let go. But other than that
    Hendricks whooped his ass and had more control but GSP was the more active
    and busy fighter.

  13. MrOutstraight says:

    i have to say it’s refreshing to see Dana call the fight honestly. I jumped
    to the wrong conclusions that GSP was somehow given the decision to
    protect the UFC’s most valuable ppv asset. I was obviously wrong. Why not
    give 20 seconds airtime to each judge to promote accountability? Seems
    there’s at best biased favouritism or at worst an agenda with these judges
    to somehow taint the company, or fighters legacy. I love the UFC and have
    lots of respect 4 the fighters who risk so much for us. With absence of
    accountability these dumb decisions will remain. Perhaps some sort of
    recourse so a fighter can challenge these decisions and either make judges
    explain their decisions in detail, with some kind of repercussions or even
    overturning of bad or biased decisions. Jones fight with Gustafson was bad
    decision but it wasn’t as shockingly terrible as this one. GSP had
    concussion and messed up face, Johnny not a scratch. Id love to see total
    stats on fight, painfully obvious GSP lost.

  14. HAV0C Los says:

    I always go for GSP and I always want to see him win but last night he did
    loose the fight I was waiting on the judges score card to be given to
    Hendricks.i was waiting on, and new champion Hendricks but that wasn’t the
    case.i just can’t believe they gave the fight to GSP when clearly he lost
    it was Deja vu all over again just like with the Jones vs gustafsson fight
    when clearly gustafsson won that fight as well.well my point is that ufc
    has become like boxing.

  15. Sgt Doss says:

    GSP is in breakdown i think you call it in english,he get obsessed with
    little thing even more with big fight lke this,his problem is mental atm,he
    got to come back from this before a re-match

  16. ncrb73 says:

    Hendricks edged St. Pierre on my personal score cards, but NOT ENOUGH to
    deserve a win. Johny didn’t BEAT THE CHAMP. GSP’s been fighting
    professionally for 11 YEARS and defended his title at least 9 Times – his
    face marks up because of years of getting punched in the fact. GSP is a
    stud just to make it to the post-fight conference. He’s all “Sorry I’m
    late. I was getting stitches.” True Champion. Dana White thinks her cares
    about fighters, but it’s obvious he drives a business train. GSP earned his
    living thru the UFC, true, but GSP generated an exponential amount and gave
    the UFC it’s legs. He didn’t do it alone, but he’s hugely responsible and
    Dana White won’t even give him a needed, extended break. GSP never whines,
    so when he ASKS for something, give it.

  17. David Wall says:

    I thought GSP won the fight 3 rounds to 2. I think Hendricks gave away the
    5th round and didn’t even try. GSP won his rounds very closely! Hendricks
    would have won if he didn’t take the 5th round off! I wonder if Hendricks
    corner told him to coast the land round!!

  18. Matthew Robb says:

    ok ok i see it like this, and im no GSP fan, come on this kid didnt TAKE
    his belt. it was right there for the taking and he left it for the judges.
    i remember when Dana White would chastize hendricks for leaving it out
    there. ill quote the “Nature Boy” here, ‘if you wanna be the Man you
    gotta BEAT the man. Like it or not, GSP took everything hendricks had and
    kept on coming. thats not how you take the title. GSP you are the champ
    and remember it or not, youre the Man.

  19. Alberto Ortega says:

    Yea Joe rogan makes people think different when he talks about a fighter he
    says everything they do even if the other fighter is doing good. It’s like
    if u had a even fight and have no friends that all his friends will say the
    other guy won.

  20. TheCrackass says:

    Devilswereprada….. They only fight once in three months ….. What
    pressure is there ? All they do s promote the fight and travel a lot ….
    Some fighters with belt you see twice a year …. Where is the pressure
    …. Explain ?

  21. ggscv says:

    Dana White is money grubbing whore so full of shit it makes me sick. That
    fight was in NO WAY a robbery. Look at the fight metric stats and re-watch
    the fight – at best you could say it was a razor thin decision. It is
    obvious that Dana gives zero shits about fighter health/safety and cares
    only about wringing out every last dime from them before shitting all over
    their legacy. I have lost all respect for Dana White as well as Hendricks.
    Fuck them both.

  22. Marius B says:

    I used to be GSP fan, but it seems like he’s not working hard anymore. He’s
    just playing safe now and trying to win by decision and hold the title as
    long as he can. Now GSP wants to take time off? As a champion you should be
    fighting the next fighters in the list to hold the title, not take time off
    just so you can hold the title longer. I mean if he needs time off, just
    retire. I think it’s because he found out that his boy Rory McDonald lost
    the fight, and that he wanna hold the title for Rory. Those two had plan,
    Rory wants to be the champion by 25 yrs old and GSP wants to retire when
    that happen. He’s trying to hold the title for McDonald. GSP don’t want a
    rematch with Hendricks and lose the belt. That’s what’s the problem that’s
    going on with GSP.

  23. muiecyrus says:

    Now tell me how did he won clearly?!

    Takedowns: GSP 3 / Hendricks 2
    Head punches landed: GSP 47 / Hendricks 56
    Body punches landed: GSP 26 / Hendricks 3
    Leg hits landed: GSP 28 / Hendricks 22
    Total hits landed: GSP 101 / Hendricks 81
    Total hits attempted: GSP 125 / Hendricks 127
    Percentage hit accuracy: GSP 83,4% / Hendricks 60,8%

    GSP is amazing. He fought Hendricks standing up the whole time, and i think
    nobody expected that… On top of that he is the champion who landed more
    punches with far better accuracy and finished the last round stronger….
    Why should he lose?!
    People who say he lost are just tools who see his bloody face and have no
    idea how they score in MMA.

  24. Richard Parsons says:

    Since when does a contender get an immediate rematch? I thought that spot
    was filled for champions only? Hendricks lost and George was content with
    his victory. Now it’s time to move on. Gustafsson should be given the same
    privilege as Hendricks considering he clearly won his fight against Jones,
    but was denied the decision. Too much favoritism in the UFC.

  25. nicknack2222 says:

    “His problems aren’t as bad as he thinks they are”? Dana is starting to
    piss me off. Since when did Dana become a doctor or a psychiatrist? He has
    no right to say that.

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