25 comments on “UFC 168: Weidman vs Silva 2 Weigh-ins + Staredowns (LIVE! 4pm PT)”

  1. UltimusEvil says:

    i hate when fighters wear so much crap to the weigh in

  2. yussi0808 says:

    28:28 Joe Rogans Wife Is Gunna Kick His ASS

  3. Neefey says:

    since when is chris leben not a main event player? poor him :(

  4. Richard L says:

    Weidman @ weigh in for UFC 168
    ” no more of that Aura of Anderson Silva and what he brings to the cage,
    that’s done “

  5. ThaiPugnus says:


  6. Rawr5649 says:

    Ronda Rousey is so goddam hot

  7. John Sablan says:

    Anderson who? LOL 

  8. Tahlee Green says:

    Weidman ended his career

  9. stealthmullet says:

    Hahaha Joe’s face when Ronda was stripping down was classic

  10. PrisonOfMinD85 says:

    Silva Silva

  11. James Alan says:

    Go America Weidman ftw!

  12. bruce wayne says:

    chris checked the kick, which caused silvas leg to break, he didnt knock
    him out but he did do something. oh btw he was winning before that

  13. David Tyra says:

    Belfort will beat Chris w down !!!!! 

  14. Grit Root says:

    A M E R I C A..NYC…..we whooped brazils ass hahaha

  15. MrDarkstuff says:

    Fuck Silva

  16. Lewis Riches says:

    Its Silvas if he doesnt show boat again! And another broken arm for tate…

  17. Tom Elias says:

    Damn I’m dying to know what music they were playing, I bet it was
    Radioactive lol

  18. Huntter Leija says:

    im in shock why silva whyyyy

  19. Redwood Cali says:

    Diego 8 pounds over OUCH!

  20. Andrea Spasojevic says:

    … all the sympathy on the side of Weidman .. he is a great fighter and a
    great humble man .. appreciate very much Silva, but I’m disappointed by his
    disparaging behavior .

  21. garrett groupe says:

    damn silva looked serious as’f . rip weidman 12-28-13 :/

  22. arman hovhannisyan says:


  23. Andrew John Smith says:

    Chris Leben is no stepping stone .

  24. mictexx2 says:

    o/ weidman wins!

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