14 comments on “UFC 169 Aftermath; What’s Next for Aldo, Barao & Faber on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Shredistan X says:

    Shit card i enjoyed watching reem & ABEL ;D 

  2. HydroBud98 says:

    I cant stand when people try to sugar coat a bad call by a ref. Oh well its
    the referees job to protect the fighters… -_- OBVIOUSLY! but that does
    not completely excuse them from a bad call. Herb Dean F’d up, that’s it.

  3. MrBonesbr says:

    I just cant see how aldo could beat pettis, if he fights like he fought
    lamas he is in a looooooot of trouble

  4. TheOoze06 says:

    Barao has Faber’s number! Broke his ribs in the first fight. Laying him out
    flat on his back and face before finishing him in the 1st round in the
    second fight!

  5. Navid Nilchian says:


    A) Herb (although a great and well respected ref, probably one of the few
    lol) fucked up.

    B) Urijah was FINE! He would have came back (im not a fanboy, this is a
    realistic point of view), those hits from barao had NO POWER behind them….

    C) Would Herb have stopped it still if barao didn’t look up at Herb?
    something to think about maybe lol

    I do feel bad for Faber, he gets fucked out of the title so many times lol
    poor guy, he has such work ethic but somehow gets effed out of the title.

  6. Elliot Lees says:

    I think Aldo Mendez II, if Aldo wins, then Pettis Aldo

  7. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    FUCK OFF RAMDEEN, You are actually hard to listen to. Herb Dean made a
    mistake and it’s okay to admit it you don’t have to be such a PC douche bag
    all the time . Honestly this show is great and I love Robin and John but
    your horrible. Clearly he likes fighting that’s not the issue, I think the
    issue is he can’t give any criticism no matter how warranted and its
    pathetic to listen to.

  8. dapappacn says:

    Aldo is yawn, yawn boring. Does exactly what he has to and not a penny
    more. BORING!

  9. Yo Yo Ho says:

    Hey Robin Black, I have a crush on you and I’m not even gay!

  10. Lopata991 says:

    Abel Trujillo was the best :D

  11. Ricardo Mendez says:

    Aldo would beat Pettis aldo fights safe because he’s better then everyone
    he fights but against Pettis we’ll see aldo the killer 

  12. magician234 says:

    I agree with Robin. I appreciate the defensiveness, movement, counters,
    overall technical aspects of the sport. Finishes and wars aren’t what makes
    fights good. Thats just the cherry on top of elite level fighting. 

  13. HOM3GROWN93 says:

    Come on Ramdeen that was a horse shit call by herb. Herb is my favorite ref
    but he fucked up big time.

  14. Wisewon s says:

    Since when is turtling up and waiting for the next punch considered
    “defending” yourself? That was a legit stop. Frank Mir did not stop moving,
    its not about damage its about DEFENDING.

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